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Friday, August 21, 2009


So ends the first day of my blogging experience. I'm no Julie and Julia, but I do like it. As my kids fall asleep, I am often on the computer sharing our adoptable pets on facebook, recruiting people into my rescue groups ie animal alliance and puppy mill rescue on facebook or . But tonight I am blogging. I stay on here until the husband says, "Lisa", my interpretation, "you've been on that computer too darn long, dear." Truth is, I probably have. There is always just one more thing I need to do or can do to help get the word out about animal get people more active...and less ambivalent. Did you have any idea how important a few minutes worth of letter writing can be when it comes to puppy mill legislation? It doesn't matter if you are a lawyer or a garbage man writing the letter...if you vote, write the darn letter! I learned that lesson last year. Another venture this year of getting puppy mill bill passed... follow our efforts here...or at any of my other sites...this one will be the most fun, I think. And off in the distance..."Lisa"...
Goodnight fellow rescuers. You can learn more tomorrow.

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