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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gosh, lots to say!

Hello friends!
The two rescue dogs with eye problems went to the eye doctor today! Yay, they are not any worse for wear. Seems my diagnosis was correct, another yay. I didn't really doubt that, but feared there may be more going on...and there is but nothing too terribly serious. They both have inflamed corneas, the clear outer "windshield" of the eye. They both have a degree of vision impairment, but should see well enough in good light to be comfortable in their environment. This is to be expected if you aren't producing enough tears to keep the eyes well lubricated. So they are on drops for that. We ordered new tear production medicine, and I got some new drops that just lubricate the eyes artificially from favorite supply store...not big on their clothes, but you cannot beat their prices on things that we FLY through like paper towels, kitty litter, pet food, bleach, etc. This is going to be a lifelong condition, so when they find homes, the new family will have to care for their tender eyes.
They are spending the night at our wonderful volunteer's house, and returning to the clinic tomorrow. Hope they do fine. These dogs who have spent their ENTIRE LIVES in a cage, are not used to any change. And they have had alot of change lately! All for the better.
Check out our website for pics of these two sweeties, and keep in mind, that once they are cleared for adoption, they both need new families!
Thank you goes out to ALL of those who helped us get these dogs the care they needed.

Then two controversial happenings....happened, so I am emotionally strung out right now!

1. A friend of mine visited craigslist, and found a thought provoking and emotional note from an animal lover stating that a local commercial breeder (from my neck of the woods) brings their older pups, and non-successful breeders to another local vet to be euthanized. The pups she brings in are either too old and aren't selling, or have the "wrong" colored eyes. The note had ALOT more detail than I will go into here. Apparantly, the author's friend is one of the employees at this other vet clinic, and she has to partake in the euthanasia of these animals as part of her job, and hates doing so. I wish I could find out who wrote this letter, it was flagged almost immediately (not fast enough for me to have printed it out though...tee hee) and you can no longer reply to the writer. I would like to get her to help me in my efforts in the next year.

And then

2. I am posting this blog ( a few days behind) on the des moines register website...and I got a comment from a reader who claims that I support a North Carolina puppy mill bill that, in his eyes, was flawed. I know nothing about this North Carolina bill. I would be lucky to pick North Carolina out on a map, the way my memory is lately! I prefer to work only in Iowa right now, thanks. So I deleted the comment, but replied to him privately. So he sent the same comment back to me two more times! I read other conversations he has had with other people ie politicians and such, and they all have been heated and somewhat hard to follow. His writing style is not very clear. Anyway, I posted his comment on that blog, so he would quit sending it to me. His comment includes a criticism of the Humane Society, which I assume he means the Humane Society of the US (HSUS). There are hundreds of humane societies in the US that are not affiliated with the HSUS, so if he was refering to one of them in East Japippy, again, I am not up to par on it. I replied to it in the only honest way I could. We will see what happens. From what I can tell, this guy likes to just dig in and stir the pot.

And tonight I was planning to educate you on an astonishing volunteer effort that saves hundreds of animals and occurs almost every weekend! I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow!

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