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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help Needed

Okay, just had to do two of those things I hate to do. 1. Ask for money. 2. take a patient to another vet.
We have two retired puppy mill dogs that are suffering from eye issues. I think they are based in lack of tear production but neither is responding as well as I had hoped. Both are better but not great. The shih tzu has much corneal scarring. I think God would be wise in helping me win the lottery, because we all know where my money the dogs, so to speak. I guess God would have to buy me a ticket too, since I don't do that. Perhaps that is why my chances of winning are so slim???
Asking for help with money, then asking another vet for help is very humbling. Almost belittling. It is not a good feeling. The money thing is obvious, no one likes to ask others for is just embarrassing. But asking another vet to help one of your "patients" is like announcing that you are inadequate in some way. I know I shouldn't feel that way. That IS why people specialize in such things... especially eyes... but what if he asks me a question that I haven't thought about since vet school, and I cannot answer it! LOL! Maybe it makes me feel like a kindergartener again... seven layers of the retina??? UMMMMM.......
Ah well, their info is all at . I will continue the saga of taking my dogs to another vet as the experience unfolds. And I am sure other new experiences will arise as well.
Thanks for listening!

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RKD8925 said...

You shouldn't feel bad for asking for help and money, everyone has to do it sometime!!
I wish I could help so bad!!
(stupid custodial...)