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Friday, August 21, 2009

Introduction to me...

Someone once told me, " Lisa, there are veterinarians that do a little bit of rescue work, (ie giving discounts to rescue groups, or finding a home for the occasional stray that comes through the door). You are not one of those vets." I was shocked, I thought she knew how much rescue work I do. I thought perhaps she appreciated what I did... Thought perhaps she was going to say that I do more? Then she said, " You are an animal rescuer, that just happens to be a veterinarian."

I do believe this is one of the highest compliments I have EVER received. I roll that statement around in my head alot...on those days when what I pay people in salary seems to be more than the income for the clinic, or on a day when an adopted pet is returned to us, or on a day when we have no room to take in any more homeless pets, and we wonder what will happen to that pet now...

The unfortunate part is that while rescue work is spiritually rewarding, it is not financially rewarding. But I have come to grips with that. I love what I do. Not to say we don't have hard days, or trying times, depressing moments, we most certainly do. Rescue sounds so...glamourous and ego boosting, put a big R on my chest for "Rescuer" and don't wrinkle the cape please... but there are issues involved in rescue that are emotionally traumatizing, physically draining, and just plain exhausting!

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