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Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Pomeranians...

A commercial breeder is closing down, and we have already taken in 6 adults and 2 pups from her. On Monday, we are getting 7 more of her adult dogs, all pomeranians, and all black. Black dogs don't adopt well, even the small ones...sigh. But we are hopeful, and we have had a few other rescues willing to pay us discounted rates for their vetwork and get them into their group so they can find happy homes for their retirement years. If you know anyone interested in adopting a black pomeranian, send them our way! They are all 2005 models, around 4 years old.

Here's the thing.
We are also getting 10-15 dogs this Sunday from another group for just vetwork! Weeks like this make me VERY anxious...HOW AM I GOING TO GET ALL THIS DONE?????? We always seem to get through it okay, but boy, that is a lot of work to do in one week. Funny thing is, then we have several weeks of not much going on! When it rains, it pours! I am not complaining by any means, but wow!

So, my latest conversation with the gentleman who is monitoring my blog to make sure I am getting all the correct info out to you... here is his latest post, "Sorry I did not send my message more than one, nor did I receive your response. I just did a quick check of the Iowa law and it is similar to the law they tried to pass here-a BS law. Here are some links that people need to read about the Humane and Just to let you know I will be following your post, to make sure the real story about what this legislation is really about-you should be ashamed to call yourself a vet."

Now really, was this necessary??? Here is my response, "You are quite a judgemental person, aren't you? I should be ashamed to call myself a vet, because you disagree with a law that provides increased oversite of commercial breeders? Wow. Ok.Well,Why don't you tell me what YOU find to be flawed in the Iowa puppy mill bill..." And here is the link...

Dr. Phil says it takes 1000 "Atta girls" to make up for one bad criticism... I agree. How it is that someone as insignificant as this guy can perturb me, is just silly. I know it, but it still gets to me. Why, I dunno. I know there are people out there that think I am part of a wonderful movement to help and rescue animals... and really, all that matters is that I, deep in my soul, know that what I am doing is right, and that this is the reason I am here, doing what I do. But remarks from people like this resonate. I need to just learn to turn it off. There. All better.

OK, I still need to talk to everyone about all sorts of stuff on my list, so come back often. I hope everyone is getting the email notice that the blog is updated.

Oh, do me a favor. Just so I know I am not only talking to myself, can you just post a quick hello! Thanks!

Amy, I know you are there, and thanks for your feedback!!!!

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ameow2002 said...

Yep, here i am and i have to keep checking to see what you have posted because it is not alerting me? Don't let the crazies get to ya!! The little kitties that you helped save and i brought home today say thanks for being who you are!!