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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday morning

Ahhh, the sweet sound of a Sunday when the kids can rise out of bed whenever they happen to wake up, and I can stay in bed until they do! And the hubbie is golfing, which means the tv channel is on whatever station is MY choice! at least until the kids get up... Gotta love it.

Tomorrow, we have a busy day planned. Surgeries, appointments, getting eye appointments for our two pups that need them. Installing brick type pavers under a donated kennel 6' X12' that is outside to make it easy cleanable and sterilizable. Spreading grass seed to keep our play yard "lush". Lots of our work is in maintenance and of course cleaning of our facility. We also try to make it a nice addition to our local town, Jewell IA. We have created POOCH PARK out of what used to be a gravel parking lot to the north of our building. Still needs a little more work, perhaps next spring. Check it out at . People can stop and rest while on a walk with their dogs. And I think the name give it something to remember. I want to get another retired fire hydrant to pain to look like a dog, and I want to also paint paw prints on the side walk by pooch park... Lots of plans, and too little time.

I do believe in a week or so, we are getting 10-15 dogs in for vet work from a rescue in Wisconsin. Most of their rescue dogs are from other shelters or most likely from puppy mills when they come in this quantity. THey usually originate in Missouri or Southern Iowa. Peke N Chin Midwest rescue them. Great group. They transport them to my place, we take care of their medical needs, then they go to Wisconsin area for foster homes and their first taste of love. Happy to help them prepare these lost souls for their new adventure into FAMILYPEThood. What a way for these guys to retire.

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