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Monday, August 24, 2009

What a day...

Today was fairly mild... Not crazy busy, but busy enough. Sat around with Brandy, the timid puppy mill rescue pomeranian, in my arms or on my lap again. She seems to accept being held, but is still spooked by movements that are sudden and especially movements that come toward her. She feels all of them are a danger. Poor thing. We let her stay up front and out of her cage for the afternoon, hoping that if she sees us moving around without any aggressive tendencies, she will get used to us. She seemed to enjoy herself. I would try to pet her, but she would always back into a corner before reluctantly accepting the affection. She is going to be one of the tough ones to break through to, but we will do it. She likes to bark, and the white poofy tip on her tail looks like a spark or star or firework twinkling above her head as she barks. Very cute.

There are so many topics I want to discuss on the blog, ie Michael Vick and the Eagles, Puppy mill bill for Iowa 2010, sometimes I sit and just think about things to write, and this list is so long in my head... Then I get here, and voila, other things come out.

We made an appointment for our other two rescue dogs, Sasha and Little Princess, to see a veterinary ophthalmologist tomorrow. A volunteer is going to bring them to their appointment. These two dogs are just the sweetest. Sasha is a 4 year old Pom, and Little Princess is an 8 year old Shih tzu. Both are retired breeders. You can see one of the previous blogs for more info... but both are going to adjust very well to being beloved family members, once their eyes are better and we clear them for adoption. Hope we get good news.

Summer is coming to an end. I am glad it was not a terribly hot one, but sad that it is almost over. I don't believe I would do well in a year round warm climate, as I actually look forward to the change in clothing options. It will be nice to throw a nice pair of jeans on, or a shirt with a fleece vest. Is that weird? Shorts and tees get kind of old for me.

Off in the distance, I hear "Lisa, are you almost done?" And we all know what that means. This blog is coming to an end...

Tomorrow is my day day off will consist of me going into work... the joy of business ownership. Well, this way I will be there to send our eye girls off to the doctor. Makes me feel good to be the one to wish them well. They will have a sleepover at the house of our volunteer so they need their luggage packed. Hope I can find all 8 of their slippers!

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