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Monday, October 26, 2009

A dog named Favre?

I am feeling extremely overwhelmed!  So many animals for adoption and so few adoptees!  I walk into the clinic and want to walk back out to hide myself from my current reality.  I get this panicky feeling every once in a while and my employees know it and they understand it, thank goodness.  But I hate when I feel this way.  I am not the one cleaning all these dogs' and cats' cages!  So it has nothing to do with being overwhelmed with the residuals of rescue if you know what I mean.  It has to do with, "How am I going to find these animals homes or rescues that will take them?  And what do I do if we cannot?"  I have a great, hardworking, underpaid staff.  I appreciate all of them so much despite the occasional drama that breaks out.  If you know them too, please extend a thanks and appreciation out to them.  They really do deserve more than what I am able to give them.  They bust their butts daily taking care of these animals, for the same reasons I do...for the love of helping them survive in a day when animals are disposable.

I am deviating from my normal blog topic to discuss something NOT about animals.  Okay, now don't click away all you animal lovers.  There is still a good point to make.

Brett Favre.  There, I said it.  Brett Favre.  I am a Green Bay Packer fan.  I learned it from my husband.  I am originally from Rhode Island, so I am also a New England Patriots fan.  I will always enjoy a good Green Bay game or a good New England game.  But I still like Brett Favre.  Now he wears purple.

There is much information about Brett and his "retirement/non retirement" out there and I don't claim to have any inside information, or to have a complete grasp of all the outside information about the situation that there is.  But I want to ask everyone a question.

If you did exactly what you love to do, and were really REALLY good at it, and got paid really REALLY well for it, how easy would it be for you to say, "Okay, I am going to retire and NEVER do this thing that I love so much again" at the ripe old retirement age of thirty something?  The man is in his mid thirties, and is asked if he is ready to retire FOREVER from a game he loves to play and has played since he was a kid. 

Granted, the game of football is very physical and demands an earlier retirement age than most careers.  Brett Favre is not throwing the same statistics that he was years ago, but he is still one of the best quarterbacks out there.  The flip flopping was annoying.  I admit it.  But I can understand it.  It may even have been an ego boost to have a team ask you not to retire.  And here is where some of you may feel that I am naive, I don't think Brett had a scheme to abandon the Packers.  I do believe that when he was not given the opportunity to return the last time, that he got angry and decided, "I'll show you".  Who could blame him?  I would be upset if I gave my all to a team for years, still played very well, and they decided not to take me back after I thought I was ready to give it all up.

If someone handed me a ton of money, and I no longer needed to "work" for a living, you bet, I would take a great vacation and buy a few things that I want for myself or my family, and pay off loans. But I can bet you that I would be back spaying and neutering animals at shelters, running TNR programs. I would still be actively involved in the rescue field. Not managing it, not monitoring it, I would still be right there in it as long as my hands allow me.  I may limit myself to a 4 day work week...well probably not...but it sounds nice!  So I can understand why Brett had such a difficult time deciding to end his career permanently at such a young and vibrant age. I feel as though I barely reached my potential in my thirties and in some ways am just reaching it in my early (very early) forties.  Wow, did I say forties?  Reality can hit like a brick!

This weekend Packers play the Vikings.  Is it possible for both teams to win?  Unfortunately not.  I will be wearing green.  And I know I will be happy no matter who wins.  (whisper...go brett)

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Time for another blog......

ameow2002 said...

Alright..what's going on? Need a new blog and i know you have plenty of ideas, altho time could possibly be a factor???