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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beware of Blog!

The last blog was controversial, and I knew it would be.  I posted all comments, the good, the bad, and the ugly and tried to respond to them in the best way I could.  But it seems my blogs have been featured in some pretty strange places.  It was mentioned in a Craig's List post and at a Listening Post almost two hours away from my home and my business. 

On Craigs List was the following anonymous post, "If you are giving away puppies free to good homes BEWARE.... I just happened to come across a blog written by a VET rescue that stated that they actually lie to get the free puppies to take to their shelters. The gentleman was approached by the rescue to get his free puppies and he said no, so they called him back pretending to be good homes so they could take 4 of his pups. ANY rescue that is willing to out and out lie about who they are makes me wonder what else they lie about. NOT MAking money on these puppies???? IF they really were doing rescue only for the love of helping then they would offer free spay and neuter programs to people and watch how that would help the pet over-population, after all she is a vet, right...If they want to be trusted they had better be trustworthy... "

I think BEWARE is a pretty strong term.  These pups are in a great place with this particular rescue, the only reason I discussed this issue was because I did know the quality of the situation that these dogs were going into.  There are rescues that are really covers for hoarders and collectors that are not good places for animals to go, but this blog was written about a certain group of pups, who went to a particular rescue, and are in a safe place.  I knew the topic of misleading a person, even if the breeding was irresponsible, to get pups into rescue would get some interest and feedback, and that is what I wanted.  I also wanted some insight into why this person would say no to this rescue.  This is a forum for discussion.  However, I would appreciate if the remarks would come as comments to my blog and not be posted on some other website where I cannot respond to the person's remarks.  How cowardly is it to post a remark like this and not put it where the person it is directed toward will find it and respond to it?  How cowardly is it to post a remark like this, hide it on another website, AND not sign your name to it?  Most of the harsh comments I get are from Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous.  Your words are there, but they mean less without a name or identity attached.

To address the "free spay and neuter programs" there are states that do programs such as this but they are usually funded by another source, sometimes governmental, and you have to qualify as low income to get your animal fixed in this program.  But to state that I should just do free spays and neuters is silly.  It costs money to do surgery, to own a building, and to operate a business, and the education cost a fortune!  You go to your boss and tell him or her that you love your job so much that you will work for free from now on.  That will show everyone how dedicated you are, and if you really love it, then you will do it.  Everyone needs money to live, like it or not.  A free spay/neuter program would be wonderful, and I would definitely support it, and hopefully be active in it, but it will not help with overpopulation in a state with over 400 licensed commercial breeders pumping out thousands of puppies and kittens every year.

I was sick this weekend so could not attend the Puppy Mill Listening Post in Carroll IA.  Apparently my blog was a topic of conversation.  If the only way local breeders can distract people from talking about the mass production of puppies and kittens is by taking shots at my blog or my clinic, then you are missing something very important.  The listening post is a place to voice your opinion about legislation that is being presented in the state house.  My clinic is not being presented in the state house.  This blog is not being presented in the state house.  This blog is my personal outlet, my toy, my addiction, my therapy, my fun, my monkey on my back...  Those who write blogs probably know what I mean.  I love writing it, love getting feedback, hate when I cannot think of a topic, hate when I cannot find time to sit down and write. 

If you don't like what I have to say, then don't read it, and certainly don't post comments on some other forum.   I have been supportive of the legislation, but have not villified any particular breeders.  So why are you targeting me?  I have not targetted you.   If I were to shut my doors tomorrow, it would not change the legislation.  And the legislation will only affect those at the bottom of the barrel.  If you are a quality breeder, let the legislation affect the sludge, and increase your sales by eliminating the low quality competition.

Those local breeders ranting about me are going to be upset when the bill passes and all they have done is shoot down my blog, rather than convince people that there are good quality breeding facilities out there and that they are among them.  That is what you should be doing.

http://www.globegaz articles/ 2009/11/18/ news/latest/ doc4b038852e4322 462418570. txt#vmix_ media_id= 7382064

Showing up at a discussion regarding a legislative effort, and ranting about me, my blog, my clinic, etc, is like going into a Victoria Secrets and having a fit because the tools you bought at Sears don't work...  You are in the wrong place and you just look silly.


Erin said...

Do people not realize how much time and effort goes into taking care of rescue animals. I swear people think that veterinary medicine is cheap. I will say that it is a lot less expensive than human medicine, but in no way cheap. Also, if you are giving away free dogs to a good home, why not give them to a rescue organization where you know they will be taken care of and place in good homes. Some things just don't make sense to me and probably never will. I guess that's life!

ameow2002 said...

There ya go...stirring up controversy again! We have them on the run now and need to keep the pressure on! I applaud you for not being afraid to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. Yes, sometimes our feelings get hurt by those who have no compassion or empathy but that is the price we pay for caring and for daring to make a difference! It's a small price to pay when lives are at stake!!

Kris said...

You go Lisa. I would like to see these people do what you do for the amount of money you don't get from it. They all think they are great but we all know different.

Kris said...

You go Lisa! No one can not even 10 people take care of more than a hundred animals. It is impossible to be all that you can be and be good to all of them, plus your own children, and fur family. What you do should be a portal of new Veterinarians to look at. I am sure you and your family sacrifice a lot. You just keep up the good work and I will always help out when I can. Veterinary medicine is very expensive and I am sure you don't make much if any money with all the help you are giving to these animals. You are not creating more and contributing to the pet overpopulation problem. You are giving them a 2nd Chance for a good life. You keep doing what your doing and don't let anyone's words bring you down. Isn't that a song? "Don't Bring Me Down"? :-)

Anonymous said...

I find your blog quite interesting and decided to make a few observations and comments.
You think the word "BEWARE" is a pretty strong term but by your own admission you knew your previous blog would get some interest and feedback. Of course anyone with commonsense would question a rescue groups use of deceit and lies to acquire dogs as a breach of the publics trust. As well minded as these people may be they were willing to be decitful to acquire someone elses property. You claim you have not "villified" any particular breeder, however you did exactly that in a public hearing and you seem to have no qualms about labeling an entire industry with a derogatory term on an ongoing basis. You continually discuss the abundance of unwanted pets and your struggle to find and place them in appropriate homes and point the finger of responsibility for this problem at the over 400 USDA licensed breeders in the state of Iowa, failing to focus on the real problem of irresponsible pet owners. Your clinic/rescue routinely accepts/purchases dogs and puppies from out of state. Aren't you then adding to the problem here in Iowa? If you are surprised that breeders are showing up in large numbers at PUBLIC LISTENING POSTS, maybe its because they are sick and tired of the unquestioned inaccurate facts and illegally obtained photos being presented to the public. Why is it that when these folks question the accuracy of Ms. Lahays statements and her use of these photos they are accused of "distracting" and "shouting down" but you yourself declare that the listening post is a place to voice your opinion about legislation. Apparently that is only true if "your opinion" agrees with that of yours and Ms. Lahay. Are there sub-standard breeding facilities in Iowa? Of course there are. Why don't you and your supporters want to work toward solving that entire problem? Instead you have targeted the one segment of the industry that is trying to comply with regulations and accepts government oversight already. The system is far from perfect but ignoring the unlicensed, unregulated part of the breeding industry makes me think that you and your followers really only want to eliminate your competition so you can continue to SELL dogs and flourish. Look around, your part of the industry (shelters, rescues, etc.) does'nt have a sparkling record either. If you and Ms. Lahay were really only interested in the welfare of the dogs you would be willing to come to the table for a civil discussion and look at some possibilities of compromise. Your people have not been willing to do that. Wonder why?

I also want to compliment you on your excellent eyesight. Traveling down the interstate highway at 70 mph. looking across a farm field over a 1000 ft away you were able to spot mounds of dirt and determine that those were fresh dog graves. I am trully amazed.

J.T. Kennel said...

A comment about your craigs list beware..maybe they were trying to warn people that give away free puppies.  I don't think they had to warn you because it was on your blog..therefore why would they post it on your blog?  Another approach that rescue could have tried was to offer the gentleman with the puppies a free or discounted spay for giving them some of his puppies.  They could have been helping him out, stopping it from happening again with his dog and still get some puppies without the disception. What better way is there of helping then to offer their assistance instead of their lies.  A comment about the Puppy Mill listening posts.  I have attended three of these meetings.  I can personally say that I feel it is a total smear campaign against all USDA Licensed breeders in Iowa.  It is SILLY that any Iowan would stand behind an organization that labels all USDA breeders as puppymills and that hardworking, animal loving, Iowa people who hold a USDA licenses as Puppymillers.  Maybe it is time we breeders  stand up and let the public hear both sides of the story.  I consider anybody who mistreats dogs in anyway as garbage.  When I witnessed little dogs at your rescue left out in the rain and were soaking makes me MAD---very mad, and yet you, yourself are trying to shut each and every USDA kennel down without so much as a clue on what they look like inside.  All I hear at these listening posts is how the dogs that live in puppymills (aka USDA kennels) live in these tiny cages all their lives and never see a vet, never get touched, never feel grass, never know human love.  That is SO FAR from the truth it isn't even funny. How can you possibly  label each and every USDA licensed breeder this way when you don't have a clue. I have loved dogs my entire is what I am about....A piece of my heart goes with each and every puppy I raise and YOU don't have any idea on how my dogs are raised. Each and every USDA breeder is not a puppymill in my eyes...and never will be.  AS for the comment about it won't affect the good kennels, and we are adding to the pet over-population.  That is one misconception that the HSUS wants everyone to believe. My puppies and dogs are being loved and cared for and are going in to good loving homes where they become the best dog they can be...and if it doesn't work out for any reason they know I will take him or her back in a heart beat....I do not believe in these listenting posts and if you felt that your name or your rescue or your clinic  shouldn't have been brought up, then maybe you should stand back, take a look at what is being said about all USDA breeders  and see how it feels to be bashed .. it is sort of like going into Victory Secret and having a fit because the tools you bought at Sears don't work. J.T. Kennel

J.T. Kennel said...


Just wondering if you were going to post my response or if you didn't want to acknowlege it. thank you. J.T. Kennel.

j1029 said...

JT Kennel...Are the dogs you are breeding champion show/working dogs? Do you do genetic testing to make sure you are not contributing to the many health problems that breeds face? Do you only breed 1-2 breeds for the LOVE of the breed and not to make a profit? Do you line up homes for the dogs before you plan a breeding, have a spay/neuter contract for the puppies, screen your potential buyers, and make sure everyone gets all necessary vet care? I could go on and on with my questions about what makes up a reputable breeder. My guess is you are not one otherwise you would be working to help stop the people that shouldn't be breeding dogs. Many reputable breeders work hand in hand with rescues because they truly love the breed and are trying to improve it. My guess is you are only trying to make a profit. It makes me very sad that USDA kennels keep pumping out badly bred dogs for a profit while so many dogs in shelters die every year. I love dogs. That is why my animals are fixed, I do as much for rescue as I can, and why I would never breed my dogs or support a USDA kennel.

It is not a misconception by HSUS that you aren't contributing to the overpopulation problem. Do you know where every single one of your puppies is at? Do you follow up with all of your buyers year after year? I've seen days where 30-40+ dogs were dropped off at the shelter many of them purebred. I am sure some of yours have been rehomed or dumped at shelters as well. And many of them that enter the shelter system will not make it out. Every person in America would have to adopt 10 animals each to clear out the overpopulated shelters. I honestly can't fathom how people think that breeding dogs who are not champions or genetically tested in a country where so many die every day is a good idea.

J.T. Kennel said...

Dear J1029,
I guess since you threw all this questions at me I should address them, even though this is not the place to be doing it since this is Lisa's blog and not an answer spot for me. No not all of my dogs/puppies are champion show/working dogs, but that doesn't make them unloveable or unwanted by a loving family. All the genetic testing in the world won't assure you that all of the puppies will be perfect. But I am very selective on which dog I do breed. Of course each dog is going to be sound and a good representation of the breed. Why would any Good breeder breed any dog that wasn't, it wouldn't make any sense. OF course all of my dogs are checked by my vet and each and every puppy needs to be before they go into anyones home. YEs, I do raise several breeds, part of being a good breeder is matching up the right dog with the right family. Yes I raise breeds I love and yes I try to make a profit. Actually it is very hard to make a profit because the money coming in from the puppies goes right back into my dogs. I do not get any funding, I pay all of my bills, I feed top of the line food, there is always expenses, beds, blankets, toys, vet care, heat, electricity, paid help, grooming supplies, etc. etc. etc..get my point. Each and every one of my puppies has gone into loving homes, or I wouldn't continue to raise puppies. Do you honestly think after spending at least 10-16 weeks holding loving and caring for a puppy I am going to let my puppy go into a home that isn't going to be the best fit for it. I try to educate as much as I can and also send a packet home with each family with information that they can read and learn from. Also my phone number and they are given instructions to call me whenever they need to day or night for any reason. They must continue with the puppies vet care and they are giving the shot and de-worming record and what needs to be done next and when, and they are told that if ever this puppy does not work out to return it to me and I will re-home it for them. No I do not work hand and hand with any rescue group right now because there is no need to. I do work with a very reputable groomer that is more then happy to place my adult retired dogs because she knows that they are about the best dogs around and can find them loving homes too. I love what I do and yes I am trying to make a profit so I can continue to do it. Go tell your employer you love your job and want to do it for free from now on..... If you figure how many hours a breeder spends on education, and work raising their dogs then no they are not making any money ...because it is a 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year job, with no vacations and not much free time. Yes, I do it because I love it and I love my dogs. Maybe if you spent your time on helping educate people on how to be great dog owners instead of bashing breeders that would go alot futher on helping all the dogs in the world. J.T. Kennel

j1029 said...

JT kennel...You have all the characteristics of a backyard breeder and hardly any of a good breeder. No showing and no genetic health testing (huge red flags). I know that genetic testing does not guarantee a healthy dog, but it makes the chances a lot more likely. I'm sure that your vet can tell just by looking at your dogs that their hips/knees/elbows/eyes etc. are perfect. I'm not going to comment on the rest of your answers because they just continue to show me you are a backyard breeder.

Part of educating people on being a great dog owner is teaching them the difference between a good breeder and a backyard breeder or puppy mill. Good breeders make the breed better. The rest ruin the breed by perpetuating health and temperament problems. They also contribute to the millons of healthy animals euthanized in shelters every year. If people would stop supporting bad breeding and start supporting good breeding and rescue we wouldn't have a pet overpopulation problem and we would have healthier dogs with better temperaments.

J.T. Kennel said...

Dear j1029....There is no point in continuing with you because the only GOOD breeders in your eyes are the ones you know personally. If you want the name of my vet please feel free to contact me and you can speak directly to her and educate yourself or you can continue to slam me without even seeing or knowing any of my dogs.. ...the public can see through people like you so there really is no point in acknowledging anything you have to say. J.T. Kennel