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Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas everyone!

We started the night with a late supper and baked monster cookies to leave for Santa.  I think next year we will go with trustworthy chocolate chip.  As the cookies cooled, we donned our winter outfits to go outside in the blizzard to sprinkle oatmeal (aka reindeer food) across the front lawn for those cold-hooved reindeer.  We hope it will give them the energy they need to continue tonight's journey.  I hope they head to Bermuda or somewhere warm from here!  Last year Miranda caught a glimpse of a red light in the sky that we just know was Rudolph leading the way for Santa's sleigh.  This year, the cloud cover obscured any chance of seeing that wonderful red orb in the sky.  We looked anyway but could not see it.  But we know it is there!

We got into our pajama's and read the Christmas Story, a Little Golden book from my youth about the birth of Jesus, then went downstairs to put Santa's cookies and milk in the appropriate place.  We came back upstairs, and then read "Peef the Christmas Bear".  A wonderful book previously mentioned in my blog.  I love the story and the artwork.  The rhyme seems a bit off at times, but we still enjoy the book.

I tucked the kids into bed expecting a tough night of going to sleep due to the excitement of Christmas.  I heard a few minor complaints from Miranda about Connor hitting her, then bamm, they were sound asleep.   Into the basement I go.

Tonight is THE night to be sneaky right?! Sneak downstairs and help Santa wrap the gifts and stuff them into stockings and pile them up under the tree...right? All without awakening any children of the house.  All without being seen by anyone.  Well let me say, it was tough tonight.

My husband has been putting in new flooring for about a month now. bang bang bang. Tonight he is finishing it. BANG BANG BANG!   Usually he is in bed, and the house is so quiet that I can hear if the Christmas mouse is stirring, never mind if the children have quit dreaming of sugarplums dancing in their heads and have stirred to see if Santa has arrived! Instead, Santa and I are hiding in the basement, unable to hear if a child is coming down the stairs to ruin any Christmas morning surprise, and let me say Santa was not in a mood to be discovered! He was not happy about the weather!  His beard was frozen solid!  Rudolph's nose is frostbitten and has lost some of it's brilliant glow as a result, and all of the reindeer are wearing mittens or socks on their hooves to keep them warm.  All of this combined has slowed down the evening's progress.  So we were both nervous about getting caught by the kids and trying to be extra fast!


Once we were done with the wrapping and the gift placement, Santa had two special gifts to leave for the kids that would not go beneath the tree.  He had a Spiderman teddy bear for Connor which we needed to dress into his Spiderman outfit before tucking it into Connor's arms while he slept.  I helped Santa dress the bear while he searched his bag for Miranda's special gift.  As I dressed the bear, I see this gaping hole in the crotch of the Spiderman outfit! 


Darn, I don't want to have to sew that up tonight!  I hope Santa has another one in his bag!  It is already getting so late!  Santa must be prepared for accidental breakage or damaged gifts, right? As I looked closer, I noticed that the hole was sewn on the edges, it is supposed to be there.   Gosh, I hope this teddy is not like those new dolls that poop or pees or something.  I want the name of the elf who came up with that brilliant idea!  A bear that potties and has a split in the crotch for just such an occasion is NOT my idea of a special gift!  HO HO HO!  Santa started to laugh!  The split in the crotch was for the teddy bear's tail to poke through.  Phew, crisis averted, no pooping teddy bear!


I finally got the body suit on the bear, and went for the mask, assuming it would have gaping tears for the ears to poke through.  Nope, nothing.  I stuffed the bear's head into the costume in time to see that Santa had pulled out a "Peef the Christmas Bear" teddy to slip into Miranda's arms as she slept. 

As I watched Santa slip those special gifts into the arms of my sleeping children, I realized how wonderful it is to be a mother.

What a wonderful night tonight has been. 

Even though I am exhausted and don't want to look at wrapping paper, scissors, or tape for another year, I wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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