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Monday, December 14, 2009

Peef? Really?? Peef?

I went to the local library today to get a Christmas movie for my children today.  With all the snow days we have had, I am a bit tired of watching the same Christmas movies over and over, even though I do love them!  As I went to check out the movie, I noticed this book on top of a shelving unit, "Peef, the Christmas Bear" by Tom Hegg.  My sister collects handmade and vintage teddy bears and I used to go to teddy bear shows with her, so I immediately noticed this book.  Adorning it's cover, is a handsome Santa holding an adorable multicolored teddy bear.  I whisked it off the shelf without taking any more of a look at it.  This was the book we should read before bed tonight.

And we read it. 

And I cried.

What a story!  I am not one for ruining the plot of a good book or movie, but it is all written here.  If you don't want to know the end, stop reading, and run to the children's section of your nearest library or book store!   It is a cute story about a teddy bear named Peef that Santa made for himself.  The bear is Santa's best friend for years, but Peef secretly longs for more.  The bear wants to be loved by a child, but never tells Santa this secret fearing it may hurt Santa's feelings.  Then one year, Santa decides to give his bear the gift that he knows the little bear wants, even though Peef has never told him. 

This Christmas story will really hit home with animal rescue people and shelter volunteers.  In rescue, we give our love to all of our dogs, the way Santa did with this little scrappy bear.  When it is time to give them to their loving new home, a piece of us goes with them.  We may not cry every time we adopt out one of our rescues.  We build up a level of strength so that eventually we pass them on with a hug and a knowing smile of how much love that little critter is going to get now that he or she is part of a happy and loving family.  But there are still those few that get the best of us, and we have a difficult time saying goodbye.

My daughter kept looking at me funny as I tried to finish the story.  As Santa prepared to pass on his favorite bear, his best friend, my voice was cracking, and tears were running down my face.  I am not sure she understood a word of the ending through my tears.  We agreed to read it again another night.

On my rescue group's adoptable pets page, there will surely be a rescued homeless huggable name "Peef" very soon. 

Perhaps he or she will find a new home by Christmas?

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ameow2002 said...

Finally got tired of my begging...i knew i would wear you down! You sure hit the nail on the head about how a piece of our hearts goes home with each rescue! Another good one as always...keep em coming!

ameow2002 said...

And i see you already have your own Peef in rescue!!!