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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Worms, Sponge Bob, Green Goblin and what makes them funny!

We had a children's sermon at church and both my kids went off like a shot when all the kids in church were invited up to the altar to sit and listen to the youth counselor present her story.  The first thing she asked was "What is sinning?"  And to THAT my 3 year old raises his hands, high and proud!  I am shocked because he is not as much a talker as he is a doer.  It takes forever for him to decide what he wants for breakfast, milk or juice, each morning!

If called upon, I was expecting him to just sit there and say, "UUUMMMM, I dunno" then blush bright red like his sister used to do.  I am not sure why they always raised their hands in circumstances like these.  Perhaps they raise their hands to be part of the crowd that is raising their hands, or they want to be chosen by the teacher because it shows them they are important?  Well, out of Connor's mouth comes, "Being like the Green Goblin".  For those of you who don't know who the Green Goblin is, he is Spiderman's arch enemy!  The teacher laughed and said, "Yes, I guess sinning is similar to being like the Green Goblin" as the rest of the church laughed along.

A few days later, I was sitting down and the kids had Sponge Bob on television.  I admit it, there are a few times watching SpongeBob when I did laugh, but it really is not a show I would choose to watch. 

Connor says, " I like Sponge Bob.  Do you like Sponge Bob, Mommy?" 
I responded, "No Connor, I really don't care for Sponge Bob." 
He replies, "Why Mommy?"  with a sorrowful sound in his voice. 
"I just don't think he is that funny, Connor." 
He perks up, points at the tv, and says, "Yes he is, just look at him!"  To which, I laughed at the response, and he laughed at Sponge Bob contorting himself into another mess.

And now for the veterinarian tale...

Miranda was around 4 or 5 at the time, and I had a fever so I was staying home sick from work.  When she came upstairs to kiss me goodbye, she asked me why I was staying home.  I told her that Mommy was sick today and was staying home so she could feel better for tomorrow. 

"What made you sick, Mommy?"
"Germs made me sick, Miranda."
So she goes off to daycare, and the next day I find out that when Miranda got to Kim's she told Kim that her Mommy was sick.
Kim's concerned response was, "What's wrong with her, Miranda?"
Miranda's response, "She has worms."

According to Kim, much later in the day, around 4 pm, Miranda suddenly stopped what she was doing, pondered for a moment, then she got a look of revelation on her little face.  She looked up at Kim and said, "Not worms, germs."

I suspect that not many five year olds except the offspring of veterinarians, know much about my daughter knows about worms and germs, and THANK GOODNESS she set the record straight.  I would shudder to think that Kim or anyone else would think that I had a bad case of WORMS!

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