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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Wall...

Someone asked me today, "What is the biggest challenge you face?". 
I face many challenges throughout the day.  Some of them are parental.  This is my first time as a parent, and darn it all if you only get the one run at it!  Some of the challenges are veterinary.  Some veterinarians thrive on the thrill of finding the diagnosis.  I am thrilled when I get a diagnosis as that makes treatment possible in most cases, but I am not excited about the hunt.  I don't like seeing an animal sick and get frustrated when I cannot find an answer.  I much prefer to keep an animal healthy, although we all know illness happens.  But even this struggle is not the answer to the question.

The biggest challenge I face is in animal welfare.  It is getting the right people to fight on an animal's behalf and make a difference in that animal's life, because it takes more than one to make it happen.  There are always people willing to take that first step and start the ball rolling, but that ball always seems to hit a wall. That wall may be a veterinarian, a police officer, an attorney, a landlord, a business owner, or it may be the law itself.  Getting through the wall is key to making the difference in getting help for the animal in danger.  But so many times you just cannot get through that wall.  It just sits there as you beat your head against it.

It is the same challenge, the same struggle, the same fight that we face over and over again EVERYWHERE.

And I just don't understand it.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and you're doing a great job with your rescue.
I just had to comment about the "wall". I think there will always be walls for us to fight to get thru. More and more often we are getting thru them tho. Things have changed for the better in the last few years and there are more people staying with the fight after the ball starts rolling.
Keep up the good work