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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Name at Last by Lisa Deppe

In a small town in the country

Is a barn with a rooster top

A farm unlike the others

Surrounded by the crops.

Inside a metal building

Lies cage by cage by cage

Filled with dogs and puppies.

Their bodies worn beyond their age.

In this cage sits number “Five”

She awaits her daily meal

She wonders what’s outside

This big old building made of steel.

For years she has made puppies,

Each puppy grows and goes

To homes filled with love and happiness

And grass beneath their toes.

Five wonders when it’s her turn

She wants to venture passed the door

Of the building she resides in,

For grass to touch her paws.

Years go by, and Five is old

Too old to make more pups.

She sits lonely in the cage now.

She wonders who will pick her up.

The dogs all bark, the noise begins

To hurt Five’s elder ears.

The woman they call “Rescue”,

Is, oh, so very near.

Perhaps this time it’s my turn.

Is there a place for me?

Is there a person willing?

Perhaps this time it’s me.

Rescue walks on over

Five slowly tilts her head.

“I want to step upon the grass,

And sleep in a soft bed.”

The cage door opens slowly.

Human hands embrace her chest.

“It’s what I’ve always wanted

I sure hope it’s for the best.”

Rescue took her to a place

The people called the Vet.

They “fixed” her, cleaned her, held her

They gave Five a comfy bed.

Soon people came to meet her.

They brought these things called toys.

They put a collar on her neck

And Five made lots of noise!

Her body wiggled happily.

A home is what she found.

She got to sleep upon a bed

And feel the grass upon the ground.

When Five got home she met a girl

Miranda was her name.

“I will call you Kirby.

Are you ready for some games?”

Miranda dressed up Kirby.

She read to her at night.

She slept with arms around her.

They held her nice and tight.

The girl grew up and Kirby passed

But the memories remain

Of the little dog they rescued

Who finally had a name.

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