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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Fish Out of Water...

Meet Penguin.  He is in solitary confinement for murder. 

Penguin, aka Blackie, incarcerated.

A few weeks ago, he was dumped on an unsuspecting woman by his owner.  She did not want more cats, but the owner gave her few options.  She took him and his housemate, a white cat whose identity has not been made public, into her home.  The white cat blended into the new family just fine.  But it seems Penguin, who has been previously known by his alias "Blackie", developed a few issues as a result of the change in guardianship.  These issues, brought about actions that cannot be reversed.

Penguin was left home alone, as many cats are.  Due to the sudden changes and instability that have so recently affected his life, he found himself acting out in ways that were unpredictable and out of character. 

On the day in question, Penguin allegedly stopped at the fish tank to discuss his problems with his new housemate, Oscar the fish.  The conversation was complicated by the language barrier.  Oscar had a difficult time understanding Cat, and Penguin was not very fluent in Fish.  In his frustration, Penguin crossed a threshold from which he cannot be brought back.  His actions led to the death of Oscar.  May Oscar rest in peace. It has yet to be determined whether this is a case of murder or involuntary fish slaughter.

This case has left many people wondering, "Weren't there any signs that indicated he was capable of this?"  There is no history of such fishy aggression in Penguin's life. Even those closest to him never imagined such an event could have been brought on by their friend, Penguin.

Penguin was tried, convicted, and sentenced by his current caregiver.  He was sentenced to relinguishment by owner and is currently incarcerated at Jewell Animal Hospital in the care of the South Hamilton Animal Alliance. 

His sentence is of undetermined length.  He is currently receiving counseling for fishy aggression.

Once a fishless family is willing to step up and agree to rehabilitate this sweet, gentle, and loving cat, he will be granted parole. 

Is your family ready to grant Penguin an early parole?

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Brighte said...

^_^ I am greatly amused by your technique of telling this story! I can almost hear the theme for the people's court in the background! lol
I feel bad for the lady that lost her fish, but also bad for Penguin. He was just doing what cats do. My cat Gigi Bella ate my beloved pair of Zebra finches in the night once. I was heart broken and so angry with her, but I kept her and I still love her. After all in her eyes she did nothing wrong besides fulfill a primal urge.

betseybutler said...

you have NO IDEA how much I NEEDED this this morning!!!! Thank you Lisa!!!
BUT--if Penguin and the unnamed white cat were home ALONE--HOW do they know without reasonable doubt that it was PENGUIN that did the terrible deed????
If there is such a thing as a kangaroo court for CATS this is it!!!
(maybe I've been spending too much time with Buggers nd Chester!!! WAY too much time!!!)