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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poms Away! Pomeranian Rescue Chapter 3

We received a phone call on Wednesday morning, the day of the transport.  A woman named Linda said she was expecting to arrive at the clinic for the Poms in the early afternoon.  We made a note of it in our schedule book, and because she was on the road the conversation was short and brief.  We assumed that she would be taking them from the clinic to the airport.  We hoped that she had with her everything that she would need for the trip.  We are willing to provide necessary items for rescue transports but we need to know what is needed in advance since the nearest shopping centers are 25 minutes away.  Welcome to small town living!  Did I mention that the population of Jewell is 1200!

I decided to give well wishes to the little furballs, and document the occasion with a few rare photos that would make my sister, the Pomeranian lover, jealous!  Here they are Joyce, see them and weep!

My pants were covered in little paw prints when this was over!

That afternoon, between appointments, we notice a mini bus/ large van pull into the parking lot. 

Still unsure of the process, we raced to the parking lot.  We looked a bit like a Three Stooges episode, all three of us trying to be the first one outside, all three stuck in the door like a giant three headed spider, nothing but arms and legs protruding from the door!  We have our childish moments...

Suddenly mature and composed, we introduce ourselves to Linda, the driver, who gives us a brief rundown of the transport plan.  She is driving our dogs, and several other pets all the way to California.  This is what they do!  On the bus was a cat going to Fresno to be with his owners who have moved there,  a dog going to San Diego to be with his owners who moved there, a few other animals whose owners are moving, and our 11 poms going to rescue in Orange, California.  Their expected arrival was Saturday. 

Linda was kind enough to grant me permission to use the photos and discuss their business in my blog.  They function mostly as a gentler alternative "moving van" for people's pets. 

From their website,
"Here are some reasons why Precious Pet Transport Service should be on your moving list.

  • Ground Transportation is generally less traumatic for your pet.
  • Every pet has their own comfortable USDA crate for traveling appropriate to their size.
  • Dogs are given at least 4 scheduled walks a day.
  • Bottled water is available to pets 24 hours a day.
  • Cats have litter boxes available when needed. 
  • Clients are given the phone number of the driver and can call for daily updates to check on the welfare and location of their pet. 
  • We feed your pet according to your instructions. 
  • Vans are kept climate controlled, winter and summer. 
  • Pets are NOT left alone in the vehicle at night. "
The animals are with the driver, in this case Linda, a co-owner of the business, 24 hours a day in a climate controlled van.  She has a bed in the van, and it is left running all the time.  The windows are covered in insulated fabric to maintain the temperature and conserve energy. 

We started bringing the dogs up, double checking that their collars and ID tags were secure and  intact as we loaded them onto the bus.  One dog had a repeated loss of collar in our backyard, and it was missing again as we brought her up.  We went to look for it and found it in our backyard.  We quickly replaced the collar and moved the tags, a painstaking task, to the new one.  Identification on this trip is vital!

We climbed up into the van and got the tour.

The van was immaculate!  Their were no foul odors, no food or litter on the floor.  The animals that were in there seemed quiet and comfortable.  And it was so cool, thanks to the large air conditioning unit!  All in all, it was a nice ride!  I hate to admit it, but it was cleaner than my van on any given day.

We said our goodbyes, and some were more difficult than others.

As the van drove away, I watched.  I wished I could travel with Linda on this route just to experience it.  I am not sure my patients, or Linda, would have appreciated it, but what an experience it would have been. 

I know you are waiting for the good and the bad in this story...
Good = 11 dogs rescued
Bad = 11 dogs leaving our care for good. 

Good bye wishes to our new furry friends, and a big Thank You to our new rescue friends:
Southern California Pomeranian Rescue
Precious Pet Transport Services

You can see photos of their arrival in Orange, California if you are a facebook member.  Join the group "Southern California Pomeranian Rescue Facebook Fan Page"  Click on their "Photos" page.  Look for their "Iowa Rescue" Album and see the dogs arrival and care program happen! 

Chapter 3 is NOT the final chapter in this rescue...

To be continued...

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Elizabeth said...

Wow this transport service is fantastic. I am a menber of a group that deals with Dogs with Addison's disease and we are often trying to find ways to transport stable dogs to new loving homes so they won't be put down becuase of their disease.
Keep up the greaat work..

Kristin said...

Oh I so wish I could have been a part of all of it! It sounds amazing! I need a van like that! Think how many animals I could transfer and save! I need a building, money, a van, etc... :-) You guys are great and I love you all! The dogs look wonderful. What a great thing you all have done! Miss you guys!

kellie said...

is this photo of a CREAM pom with a black spot of fur on her head?? and if so, does she have black anywhere else?? i've never seen a cream/black parti before! she's adorable .. more photos of her please!

Immydog said...

I think the cream Pom may end up to be white. White dogs have stained fur when they come from these places. She also has more black on her ear pinna. Go to the Facebook page Southern California Pomeranian Rescue for more photos of the dogs.

*Amber* said...

LOVE this happy ending. Sad that the breeder sold some of the dogs, but yes, that's the risk you take when not immediately removing the dogs from custody. Cute pom pics!

Southern California Pomeranian Rescue said...

Hi Everyone! As of Sept 2011, SCPR's new website is now a.ORG and no longer We have a NEW corporate address and email as well. Please see link to our Facebook page for official contact info.