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Monday, July 26, 2010

Updates on Previous Blog Topics!

Petland Wheaton says Rescue is not Profitable

Here is a statement from Petland Wheaton's facebook fan page regarding their change:
"Petland Wheaton We are continuing the program... as you can see above we are still continuing with cats and dogs that have been fostered for 2+ weeks. Less than 1% of the population of animals in rescues are from pet stores... the reality of it is the people that are not spay/neutering their animals and backyard breeders are the largest contributor to the pet overpopulation problem. We are still trying to help the best we can and to find homes for as many adopt-a-pets are we can. Thank you for your support."

FYI Petland Wheaton,  The reality of it is that the people not spaying and neutering their animals and contributing to the pet overpopulation in MASS NUMBERS is the puppy mills where you are purchasing your "healthier purebred puppies".  Thank you so much for supporting them.  (insert sarcastic tone here)

Please share your opinion with the store owner by mail, phone, facebook:

Petland Wheaton
80 Danada Sq West
Wheaton, IL, 60189

Visit Petland Wheaton on facebook to voice your opinion but be aware, they will delete posts they do not like. You must become a fan of their store  to voice your opinion.
They liked what we said when they decided devote themselves to rescue, so let us not be quiet now! Please remember to be respectful in expressing yourself .

A Bird in the Hand
I received an email from the woman who had advertised the lost cockatiel. 
"Hi, Unfortunatly he has not been found. He is a normal gray male cockatiel (light gray body with white on the wing edges, yellow head and crest with orange cheek patches). He has no band or microchip. I have no pictures as he was a recent rescue. He does give kisses, wolf whistle and says "pretty bird" but it is very hard to understand. He always lands on your head.
I pray every day that someone found him, fell in love with him and decided to keep him.
Thank you for your concern,
Since her missing bird did not have a band, and our found bird had a band, we did not have a match.  We all hope that her bird landed on someone's shoulder as well.
A Dog Gets Her Shots
Maizie had to be sedated again to remove a mass of scar tissue from the gunshot wound that was bothering her foot.  We removed 5 more pellets, one of them was  from her face.  She got a mild infection in the foot, but is recovering well.
The Beginning of a New Life: A Puppy Mill Rescue
Schnookie has an adoption application pending!    Here are some new photos! Go back to the original story linked above to see her before photos!  What a wonderful difference in a furry little life!

A Fish Out of Water
Penguin is still doing time, with no adoption potentials in site.  His white cat sibling, allegedly not involved in the fishy murder, will now be joining him for adoption at Jewell Animal Hospital, as he has been evicted from their home as well. 

We are overwhelmed with cats and kittens for adoption with no reprieve in sight.  Please adopt or foster if you can...

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I love following and reading your blog post. Thank you for doing all you do for the animals and for keeping the blog on facebook...