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Saturday, September 18, 2010

WHO's in your Office? WHOA!

Today, I learned about a group known as the OIE.  OIE is the acronym from the french name of the group, Office International des Epizooties. In 2003, the group gained a simplified name in English, the World Organisation for Animal Health .   The "s" in organisation is from the British spelling of the word and is not a typo.  Despite the new name, the official acronym is maintained from its french roots as the OIE.  The aim of this group is to monitor and improve animal health on a global scale.  The human medical counterpart is the World Health Organization, known as WHO.

I wonder why the OIE did not choose World Health Organization for Animals?  It's members could then claim membership in WHOA!

I can imagine a conversation between an MD and a DVM.

"I am a member of WHOA." states the vet.
"What's the matter?" asked the doctor.
"Nothing, Why?" inquired the vet.
"You said "WHOA" responded the doctor.
"Are you a member?" asked the vet.
"I am a member of WHO." stated the doctor.
"How would I know?" asked the confused vet.
"What?" asked the befuddled doctor.
"WHO you are a member of?" asked the vet.
"Yes, WHO." claims the doctor.
"Now what are you asking me for?" asks the vet in a Costellian manner!

For a visual of this conversation type, visit one of the best comedy skits ever... Abbot and Costello's Who's on First.  This type of humor should never be forgotten.

Perhaps OIE should have considered, World Animal Health Organization Offices.  Then they could have been WAHOO! (sing to the theme of yahoo!)

(read the following in a rapid yet monotone manner in the way drug commercials list their common side effects.  the author of this blog is in no way intending to diminish the importance of either of the groups mentioned.  the writing is in jest and the acronyms have not been changed.  no animals were injured during the writing of this blog.  the author is not responsible for any tongue ties or brain twists that occured during the reading of this blog. )

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