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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Frog Impression

I have a fondness for frogs.  I am half French on my Mother's side, Canadian French.  In case you didn't know, "Frog" is a derogatory term used for a frenchman.  Mom's French side is the half to which I credit my "smarts", and the short attention span and poor memory I credit to my Dad's side of the family, and perhaps my knobby knees are from Dad's side too.  

One year, my Mom had given my sisters and me giant green ceramic frogs to place in our gardens.  Mine still sits there every summer.  Despite my french connection (no pun intended), frogs are just cute.

(Image from

(Image from

The other day, I was getting out of the car to go to Best Buy in Ames, Iowa.  I start walking to the store and I happened to look down.  Just behind my car, I notice the strangest imperfection in the cement. 

Who but me would have noticed this strange mark? Who but me would have taken a photograph of this? Who but me would write a blog about this?  Just me...
It seems a curious frog must have hopped onto the parking lot when they were paving it.   Despite the noise of bulldozers, steamrollers, and other giant machines and men, this froggy ventured off his green turf to check out the new parking lot. This was likely the last image that little frog saw.

Insert frog here...

I don't mean to make light of this poor frog's demise.   On the contrary, I appreciate the fact that he left a lasting impression on me, and perhaps on you.  An impression (again, no pun intended)  that made us laugh on a bad day, or a good day. 

How many frogs can say that he or she has given hundreds of people a good laugh?  Okay, well he or she would say it in froggy language, but still.

This blog is my posthumous tribute to a little frog who made me laugh, who made me think of my Mother, and who hopefully helped me to make you laugh. 

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