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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jojo's Canine DNA Test Results #2 Mars Wisdom Panel

If you have been following this blog, then you know that we have a sweet puppy for adoption at South Hamilton Animal Alliance whose "breed" make-up is in question. She is just 20 lbs, and sweet as pie.
Her name is Jojo. You can read previous parts of her story at
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Our Sweet Jojo!

We submitted her DNA samples to three different laboratories who specialize in canine breed DNA tests. As we waited patiently with baited puppy breath, her test results are starting to arrive.
Today we received the results from MARS Veterinary Wisdom Panel.
The email received stated,

"Are you ready to uncover the breeds that make your dog truly one-of-a-kind? Your wait is now over!
We have completed the DNA analysis for Jojo using the Wisdom Panel™ Insights state-of-the-art breed detection process, comparing his breed makeup to over 170 different breeds.
Anxious for your dog's results? We are excited to offer you online DNA results for faster reporting. Within 3 weeks of receipt of your dog's sample, your dog's report will be available for download. Simply click on our test status checker.
Order Details:
Dog's Name: Jojo
Validated Date: 27 Oct 2010
Thank you again for your order. Knowing Jojo's breed history can help you create a tailored care program so you can target behavior training, be smarter about nutritional planning and plan exercise activities that can make your dog happier and healthier...


Mars Veterinary

When I click on the link the report, there are two significant breeds listed.  Their test compiles results in three stages, Significant Breed, Intermediate Breed, and Minor Breed. 

Quoted from the document:
"How to interpret your dog's results:

When reading your report, keep in mind that all physical traits of the breeds found may not always be apparent in your dog.

Why? Because a mixed-breed dog’s appearance varies depending on the overall mix of breeds found and the specific genes inherited from each of those breeds. When dominant and recessive genes combine from the different breeds across the generations, unique and unpredictable combinations can occur. This is a big reason why your dog is unique and may not exhibit the physical traits of each breed.

Significant Breed - At least 50% of your dog’s DNA matches this breed, so you are likely to see some physical and behavioral traits from this breed represented unless some of the genes are recessive.

Intermediate Breed - At least 25% of your dog’s DNA matches this breed, so you may see some physical and behavioral traits represented in your dog.

Minor Breed - At least 12.5% of your dog’s DNA matches this breed, but at this level, it is unlikely that this
breed’s physical traits are visually represented unless some of the genes are dominant."

The first breed result is American Staffordshire Terrier, and is listed as a significant breed.

Josie is for adoption at Secondhand Hounds, Edina, MN

The test result inquires,
"Do you recognize any of these American Staffordshire Terrier traits in JOJO?"
"Intelligent, hard-working, and stoic dogs."  Absolutely!  Every movement is followed by tail wagging and kisses!

"Very loyal to family and usually good with children."  Rambunctious for young kids, but does LOVE them!

"May not get along well with other dogs." She is currently in a foster home with two full grown pit bulls and two cats and NO ISSUES at all!

"American Staffordshire Terriers seem to enjoy dog sports such as agility, flyball, rally and competitive obedience."  I agree she has the build, desire, and intelligence to participate in such activities.

"There have been reported incidents of American Staffordshire Terriers being aggressive with other pets
or people."  Again, She is currently in a foster home with two full grown pit bulls and two cats and NO ISSUES at all!

The second breed result is Bulldog. While it didn't mention American Bulldog vs. English Bulldog vs. French Bulldog, the image they used definitely indicated English Bulldog.

The test results inquires,
"Do you recognize any of these Bulldog traits in JOJO?"

"Playful, calm, and usually friendly dogs."    Yes, for playful and friendly.  Calm?  Not so much!

"Bulldogs are less energetic than other breeds, although"     No, Jojo's energy level is puppy like!

There are no other breeds listed on the DNA report.
My curiosity is again heightened to see what the results hold from the final of the three laboratories' DNA tests.

Will the lab results from the final laboratory be similar to or possibly match the test results we read in the first two results?

Will the results be completely different?
A little more waiting, and our curiosity should be satisfied...

Tell me your thoughts on the two results we have received so far!  Are you surprised?  Disappointed?  Intrigued?  Flabbergasted?  Let me know!  Share your opinion!

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Tammy Hartwig said...

Sorry but I don't see either result in JoJo! Of course we only have a photo to go off of so we don't see behaviors, personalities and, mannerisms. Because you know JoJo my big question is ~ what are your own thoughts on these results? You are well versed in dog breeds, do you see either in JoJo? Also, what was the third breed listed?

Still curious as to how the other tests will come back!

Tammy Hartwig

Immydog said...

There is some video of Jojo in the first blog I think. Of her playing. There was no third breed listed on this particular test. I will give my thoughts, once all the tests are in. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Be interesting to see what the third test comes back as since the first two were totally different..
These totally different results don't build a whole lot of trust in the tests...

Tammy Hartwig said...

GREAT! I just noticed this said #2; somehow I missed the first so will have to find it and see how the 2 compare.

Aimee said...

I have to say that I don't have a lot of faith in those tests. I own a purebred American Staffordshire Terrier. The owner of his nephew (an AKC champion) decided to do one for the heck of it. He came back primarily Border Collie with a splash of Boston Terrier.

I'm not sure that these companies are getting a wide enough sample of breeds to be making such judgements, and so many of these random bred dogs are coming back as very unlikely mixes of very exotic breeds. I've also read that the database only includes a small number of domestically bred purebreds, so foreign bloodlines can throw the results. My dog's sire was imported from Holland, so perhaps that is why Savvy's testing results came back completely false.

I guess it's a novelty that mixed breed owners can take advantage of, but I always shake my head when I see a 130 lbs shorthaired dog that has been determined to be a mix of Dandie Dinmont and Irish Water Spaniel.

Holly said...

This is such an interesting study! I'm going to buy my husband a DNA test for our rescued mystery dog for Christmas and I was wondering how the third results came out. I was unable to find them on the website and wondered if it has just taken longer to get that set of results back. If you have an update, I would be thrilled to hear about it. Jojo in the tutu is too cute - whatever she winds up being.