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Friday, October 1, 2010

Spayed, Neutered, and Shots

My six year old daughter, Miranda, often comes to work after school or on weekends.  She will often color or watch a movie.  She started making her own "charts" a while back, like the ones we make for patients.  She files her charts in her own designated area on the file cabinet.  They have always contained mostly scribbling and doodles.  She is in first grade now and has become a very good reader and writer. 

 The other day, I noticed she was listening to a woman who was dropping off several cats to be spayed and neutered, and to get their shots.  Miranda had a pen and paper in her hand, but that was pretty commonplace for her.  Miranda watched my assistant as she wrote down the medical care that the woman was requesting for her cats onto their medical chart.  My assistant then gave me the charts and we took the cats and the charts into the surgery room. 

Once in the surgery room, I turn around and I practically trip over Miranda. She was so close that I almost knocked her over.  She is proudly handing a piece of paper to me, and saying,

"Here Mommy.  This is what the cats need to have done."

If that is not refrigerator material, I don't know what is!

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tasjohnson said...

That is to priceless for the frig! FRAME IT!

Elizabeth said...

Definitely fridge material and then something to save in the memory book as a keepsake.

Pet Hospital Las Vegas said...

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Mary Delaney said...

Miranda is an advocate of simplified spelling - jus noodr em n spa em! Ha, wi not?