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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Salads, Belly Buttons, and Popskickles

4 year old Connor looks at my belly button, an innie.  He then looks at his own belly button, an outie.  He looks up and says, "Is that your belly button?" I said, "Yes, it is." to which he responds... "But it doesn't have a button, right?"

I got frustrated with my weight one day (read as 'every day').  I said, "That's it!  I am losing weight!  Miranda, do you think Mommy can be skinny again?"  Six year old Miranda looked at me seriously with furrowed brow and said, "I don't know, Mom.  You're pretty old."

Connor sees me upstairs walking with a packaged individual tampon that I thought was hidden discretely within my hand. He looks at me curiously and tilts his head to the side. "Mommy, is that a popkickle?"

We went to eat at the Olive Garden Restaurant.  I love their salad.  Miranda also loves to eat salads, so I told her how wonderful their salad is so she would not beg for a McDonald's meal.  We arrive at the restaurant and after a 30 minute wait, the "wonderful salad" finally arrives at our table.  My husband mixes and doles out the salad onto each of our plates.  Connor just looks at his.  He is not a salad eater.  If it isn't coated by or filled with sugar, he doesn't care much for it.  Miranda dives into her salad!  "What is this?" she asks in an excited voice.  Before I can stop her, I see her biting into a jalapeno pepper.  The ONLY jalapeno in the entire salad landed on her plate!  I quickly reach for the pepper before she actually bites through it, but she experienced enough of the taste to know that she did not like it.  Suddenly, I hear the same words again, "What is this?"  Again, she is eagerly biting into the "wonderful salad" before I can answer.  A black olive has disappeared into her mouth, only to quickly return onto her napkin as tiny chewed up bits of black olive.  The third bite is a charm, right?  After two distasteful bites of a wonderful salad, she grabs her fork and continues to try to "find the pearl".  After all, Mommy said these salads are wonderful.  Her next bite, a small circular ring cut off of an onion.  My little trooper ate it up, and bravely swallowed it, but then drank a fair amount of her drink.  She wiped her mouth, looked at me and said, "Why do they put so many bad things in a good salad?"

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