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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Mr. President...

Dear Mr. President,

On the day you accepted Bo, a dog sold for profit by a breeder, had over 300,000 adoptable pets available from over 13,000 rescue groups and shelters.

On the day you made your phone call to Philadelphia Eagles to thank them for giving Michael Vick a second chance, approximately 21,918 pets were killed in US animal shelters without a second chance.

Please, it's time for a change.

The Animals...

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Tammy Hartwig said...

Short and to the point! With all of his original talk of adopting in the end, which way did he go? Kind of like his entire Presidency as far as I'm concerned. I won't even get started on Vick (ick!!).

It most definitely IS time for change! Sadly, it will not start with "Mr. President".


MargueriteMcGrath said...

The President got himself into a pickle with Bo. One of his daughters is allergic, so they needed a non shedding dog. They also needed one that could handle the rigors of living in a fishbowl. Not a lot of shelter dogs go through that sort of background check or temperament testing. Bo was a gift from a friend. You may not like his choice of a pet, but that was his choice to make, not yours. And, oh, by the way, there are at least 17 million people looking to get a pet this year, and only about 4 million shelter pets looking for homes. The math isn't complicated. You can get the facts about that from Maddie's Fund, who commissioned the study.

I detest what Michael Vick did and am no football fan. Most people do not realize how many convicted felons play in major league football. He is just the most publicized felon. No one knows for sure what happened during that private phone conversation between Eagles owner Lurie and President Obama. We only know what Jeff Lurie told people the President said. Personally, since the Eagles and Lurie have been getting a lot of continued heat for Vick's hiring, I found his recounting of the conversation suspiciously self serving. I doubt that the President made the call specifically to talk about Vick, but I will never know. Nor will anyone other than the President and the team owner.

Immydog said...

I believe the request in the blog is for Obama to come through and make the changes he promised for animal welfare. He had a good start with outlawing Crush Videos, but more needs to be addressed such as antiquated cruelty laws and the animal welfare act. Obama can still make these changes and come through on his promises, and this is the request being made.

That being said, there are plenty of young, healthy, trainable, "hypoallergenic" dogs available in shelters around the country.

Thank you for reading, and for voicing your opinion...

TheHorseInTheGarage said...

"He had a good start with outlawing Crush Videos,"
I thought that was over-turned?

Great blog, glad to have found you!

Immydog said...

Dear Horse,
Crush videos were illegal until the supreme court overturned the law... read more here

Obama has signed it into law again...thank goodness. I hope he stops to think about the puppy mill dogs, and the overcrowded shelters. 1 + 1 = 2 after all...

Avalon C. said...

I truly hope you sent this exact same email to the white house. Maybe it will make *someone* think twice. I wonder what his little girls would say if they heard that. What a terrible role model.
Thank you for your blog. The last story had me in tears. I hope he's found a happy, loving forever home.


Betsey B said...


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