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Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Perdy as a Picture!

For those of you who missed Perdy's story, you can read it here...

Perdy had lesions on her ears that would not heal.  We biopsied  both of her ears, fearing that she had a form of skin cancer that is quite common in white cats.  The biopsy for Perdy's ears is back.

Post Op Perdy!
She is feeling good, despite the angry puss on her face!

We have good news!  There was no evidence of cancer!  (Happy cat dance!)  Her biopsy revealed that all lesions were granulation tissue, a skin response to chronic inflammation due to her previous frostbite injuries.  By eliminating the frostbitten edges, we have provided her ears with healthy edges that will not chronically bleed or be as easily traumatized.

Perdy's incisions are healing quite well.  When her fur grows back in, her ear flaps or pinnae will be almost hidden making her look like a tiny baby white seal.   She has gained 1.2 lbs, which is like 10 lbs to us!   She is going to a foster home tomorrow, but she still does not have a forever family.

Thank you to D.E. and C. M. for helping pay for Perdy's medical care.  Your contributions helped a lot and are very much appreciated!

If you are interested in adopting Perdy, fill out our adoption application at  She is a happy, friendly, affectionate, well behaved cat, and she would love to be home.

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jmuhj said...

I've known white cats who have lost their ear tips to skin cancer before. All-white cats need low-light, indoor-only protection to minimize these risks. And PERDY can have a loving, happy, healthy, wonderful life with someone who will cherish her right and give her the loving, FOREVER home she (and every cat and kitten!) so deserves and craves. She's STILL a beautiful little cat! <3

Karen and Gary S. said...

Dr. Lisa,

Perdy is just beautiful! I'll keep her in my thoughts, and hope her tests turn out OK.

Just read your blog, "I'll Be Right Back". At first I chuckled at your sarcasm - it was beautiful. Then the reality of what that person did to Dietrich sunk in - I was speechless. Then I got really angry and felt like throwing something across the room - looked around but didn't see anything worth throwing. Then I grew sad, and a few tears came. I will never understand how humans can do that to an innocent, trusting animal.

Sometimes I wonder how you keep going. But then I look at Dietrich's sweet face - so full of hope, appreciation and love. That's how.

I hope Dietrich finds a loving, forever home very soon.

(Athena says "hi")

Catherine T. said...

i don't know if you can receive responses, but i'm so grateful thatyou said yes to this cat. i know rescues are full, but folks needhelp. i was sent an email that a woman was dying of cancer in arun-down trailer in the mountains. her only wish was that someonewould save her 7 cats. every rescue she begged had turned her down.they wouldn't even take one. nobody stepped up, so i did. i alreadyhave 12 rescues plus a 10 year old, blind, diabetic lab. i bought 4more large breed dog kennels and set up a shelter in my garage. i'venow driven all day, twice, to wrangle these cats. i'm going back in aweek or so to catch the final 2. i'm exhausted. i've spent thousandson car rentals, gas, cages and meds (half the cats are sick). i thinki can handle it, but it makes me feel like i'm not alone when i hearthat people like you have taken in cats that you know are going tohave problems. you could've said no, but you did the right thing. iappreciate that.

Dian H said...

I wish I could help with medical costs but am suffering from the economy's downturn and am old and poor anyway. Still! I salute you and Perdy - may all be well. And isn't it wonderful that the granddaughter thought of the needs of the cats!