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Friday, April 15, 2011

Miranda's Nature Walk

My 7year old daughter and I went for a nature walk.  I placed my camera around her neck and said she could take photographs of anything she wanted.  Here is the result of her photography, and she wanted to "write a blog" about her trip, so here it is in her words...

I went for a walk in the woods with my Mom.  We found 5 golf balls in the ditch.  We took them home and cleaned them. 
I loved the walk.
We found a hole in a tree and it is a bird nest.

We went to a creek.  We threw a rock in the creek and it splashed.  It made little circles in the water.

We found a hole that could be a groundhog's nest.

This little hole could be a snake hole.  I don't like snakes.

This is a bird nest in the tree. 

This is a tree and it got bit up by a beaver and it took half of it and made it his or her nest.   

This is another beaver tree.  The tree is still there.  He will save it for when he wants another nest.

This is a skull of something.  I think it's a racoon.  Mommy thinks it's a dog.  (Mommy is wrong.) 
 It has sharp teeth.  I can see the eyes and nose.

This is a deer print it was on the gravel. 

This is a cow.

This is a chickin.

This is a cow.

Written by Miranda.

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Kimmie said...

Oh Miranda, I love your blog. Your pictures were very good!! I am glad you had fun with your mom. Miss you! Love, Kimmie.

Dian said...

Hi, Miranda! I enjoyed your pictures and text - are you going to be a vet like your mom? You've already got the eye for it.



One of your mom's fans out in California.

Theresa Johnson said...

Miranda, you rock girl! Please take us all on your next nature walk.

Jill Thompson said...

Always love your your blogs was let miranda know that hers is my favorite. Miss you guys!

Cindy Khalsa said...

It's funny what is important to kids , things we might have overlooked , love the skull and that your wrong lol thanks for sharing

Sheryl Holland said...

Cool nature walk photos! I escpecially like the hole in a tree bird nest, and the chewed off tree for the beavers. Miranda, sometimes the Beavers will drag a certain kind of branch and take it to their lodges to use for food. Hope to see more photos by Amanda, you have a good eye for pictures that are interesting! The cows made me giggle! Emmie"s mom

Connie Davis said...

That is a fantastic idea!!

Tracy Jones said...

very nice

Beth Mesecher Miller said...

i love it! Kids see things so differently then we do don't they. :-)

Deb Deppe Campbell said...

These are should let her do this more often!

Pam Witte Remsburg said...

How cute!! Miranda will love this even more when she's older! What a neat way to make a memory.