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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Compassion in the Jungle...

I met a young man today.  I was on facebook, and received a chat message from a name I did not recognize.  I have many rescue friends on facebook through networking.  We share the same goals, but most of us have not met.

The message said, "Don't animals have a soul".  There was no question mark following the typewritten statement.  It seems he wanted me to answer a question, but he already knew the answer.  It was more of a statement.  He just needed affirmation.

The conversation continued, 
"I believe they do, yes."

 "ppl say they dont".

"ppl say a lot of things. you just have to let your beliefs and ethics guide you to do what is right"

I believe that if a being has the ability to love, it has a soul.  Heaven accepts all those capable of love.

The conversation continued, and I finally asked how old Josh was.

"12" was his response.  My jaw dropped.  I thought I was talking to someone much older than 12.  His dedication and passion comes through so strong for such a young age.

At the age of twelve, he already has a belief system that is making him feel as though he is swimming upstream.  His ethics and belief system tell him in his head and in his heart that animals are important.  He believes animals think, love, feel, and have a range of emotions that afford them the same respect that humans get, and that sometimes humans do not deserve.

Josh posted a note on his facebook wall..."  hi im josh i am only 12 years old i love animals people say i should work with them i got a big heart for animals i know alot of people that love and like animals some people don't care about animals they don't think they have a soul but yes they do you just know about it if u really love animals you haft to research them then you will know if they do or don't" 
At twelve years old, he is already feeling the need to educate people about the importance of animal care.  I hope that need continues into his adulthood.  Animals need strong voices like Josh to speak for them.

Josh shared a song with me "The Animal Song" by Savage Garden.  The lyrics read, "Animals and Children tell the truth, they never lie.  Which one is more human, there's a thought, now you decide. Compassion in the jungle, compassion in your hands.  Would you like to make a run for it.  Would you like to take my hand."

The song inspires thought.  Animals in the jungle do not harm each other for fun.  Animals do not kill for pleasure.  They hunt what they need for sustenance.  They protect and provide for their family.  They defend their territory.  There is no intentional abuse for the sake of demented personal gratification.  Abuse is a word intended only for describing human action.  Many of the worst words in the human language are intended for human action only, murder, slaughter, abuse, pervert, molest, destroy, assassinate, terrorize, mutilate... Which makes me wonder why the base of the word humane is human. 

We, as humans,  have the ability for "compassion within our hands", but we have a choice whether or not to utilize it.  Animals have compassion innately, and utilize it unless taught otherwise by humans.  Guard dogs are taught to dislike strangers.  Fighting dogs are taught to fight each other.  Given an opportunity, most animals in a natural state will flee from confrontations such as these unless trained not to flee. 

Should we not step up and utilize the gift of compassion, like Josh has done?  Should we not learn more from animals, like Josh states on his page? 

I thinks perhaps Josh has a lot to teach us at the ripe old age of 12. Perhaps we should all, "take his hand".

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Jamey said...

Wow. What a wonderful little boy. Good for you Josh, Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is