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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Petland in Wheaton, Illinois Goes Adopt Only With One Small Hiccough!

There has a been a small turn in the tide.  And the turn is a wonderful one in the right direction.  Petland in Wheaton, Illinois has decided to discontinue sales of puppies and kittens obtained from commercial breeders and begin an adoption only program with rescue groups. The breeder's puppies and kittens were cute in the pet store window, but their parents sit in cages without knowing the love of a home and family, or even the warmth of a touch or a hug.

This is an amazing change for the better.  4 million shelter animals are euthanized annually in the United States, yet commercial breeders continue to pump out mass numbers of puppies and kittens in their puppy mills each year.  One of their big supporters is Petland.  This one store in Wheaton has pushed it's nose above the water as they rescue animals rather than promoting mass breeding.  We can only hope that more Petland stores and other pet stores will follow suit. 

Here is an article about the store and it's new policy:

The only red flag I see in the article is that they are adopting animals out without having been spayed or neutered.  The adopter gets a free spay/neuter certificate, which is a nice idea.  Unfortunately, some people will not follow through with it.  The result is unwanted puppies and/or kittens.  Please encourage them to spay/neuter BEFORE the adoption is finalized.

I would like to encourage my readers to share their support for the store's change in policy, to adopt and rescue.  Don't forget to mention that they should spay/neuter BEFORE the adoption is finalized.
Please send a note of support to or call the store at:
80 Danada Sq West
Wheaton, IL, 60189
Facebook PAGE: 

Then ALSO let Petland Corporate know how happy you are with the change...I am sure the breeders are making their opinion on the matter known...
Petland Corporate
250 Riverside Street
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
(740) 775-2464
(800) 221-5935

A letter or phone call is a small task for you to do, in order to assist in a big change. Please don't allow yourself to sit idle.  Encouragement can make kings of the weak.  Help by being a voice for the voiceless.  Make a phone call or write a short note.  A few minutes of your time, can change the lifetime of a dog or cat.

Thank you to Katie for opening my eyes to this store with her facebook group,!/event.php?eid=138273876182739&ref=ts

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey - trying to spread the word - they just posted on facebook today a letter that basically says they are not making money from the rescues and going back to selling puppies aka supporting puppy mills - we must stop this :(