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Monday, August 23, 2010

Becca to the Rescue!

We have been blessed!  We have a new professional photographer in town that has donated her time, effort, and talent to help our adoptable pets find their forever homes.  She is taking beautiful photographs of our adoptable animals.  She was very patient with the animals on their "picture day" during our first session last week.  We all know that the toughest things to photograph are kids and animals!  The photographs are just gorgeous, and I hope they will help catch people's eyes and increase our adoptions.

I wanted to share the photographs of some of the hoarding cats with you.  We will update you shortly on many of them!




Oscar and Toby

Annabell gave us a run around, refusing to sit still for more than .3 seconds.  Oscar and Toby were enchanted by the wheat we used as a cat toy!  What a great idea!  I have a new employee, and her first day was the day of the photo sessions.  She remarked, "Now this is a pretty easy first day, hope they are all like this."  They won't be!  The session was fun, even though there were many trips up and down Main Street with a new pet in arms or on leash.  Most of the animals behaved well.  Fortunately, no animals pottied on Becca's floor!

Please send "Photography by Becca" a thank you for her time and consideration.  This was not an easy endeavor!  Cats and dogs can move pretty quickly! 

There are several ways you can send Becca your thanks and appreciation...

Snail mail:
Photography by Becca
623 Main Street
Jewell, IA 50130

Visit her face book page linked here "Photography by Becca", become a fan of this page, and post a thank you on the page!  There is an entire album of our pets' photos on that page.  We have another appointment this week to get more animals photographed.  Watch our petfinder page for the new photos!

If you are local, consider using her services.  Her "people photos" are very unique and creative!  She has many examples of them as well on her facebook page.

Thank you, Becca!  Your work is wonderful and your heart is big!

Here are a few sneak peaks at more of our photogenic adoptables...

Herkie and Remy, both senior dogs needing retirement homes...
Priscilla the queen and Jojo the clown puppy
Binky and Muffin
Suchin the Emperor

Please visit our Adoptable Pets at to get more information on these pets and our other adoptables!

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Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescue said...

LOVE her work.

Let me not if she's interested in taking photos for RVAS. We'd love to have her for some of our events!