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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cutting through the Red Tape...

I have to interrupt Lily's blog to discuss today's happenings.  It is a wonderful yet sad day for many of our furry friends.

Last week I received a phone call from the ARL to assist in a hoarding case in Story City.  There was a person living with an estimated 50 cats.  The cats were being voluntarily surrendered by the owner.  I was honored by the request for my help, and traumatized by the idea of finding a place for 50 or more cats.

It was made quite clear that the animals involved were being relinquished to the ownership of the Story City Vet, and that it was legally up to her to decide what happens to the animals.  I was not expecting to act as a veterinarian on site.  The request was for me to find placement for these cats, if possible. 

I immediately sent out emails to my rescue groups and  friends.  I asked them to share the information with other rescues.  In most hoarding situations, the cats tend to be quite feral or wild.  So I prepared for this by requesting rescue spots for any tame cats or ones young enough to rehabilitate, and requesting farm homes for the newly spayed or neutered not-so-cuddly ones. 

My rescue friends came through like firepower!  We had placement for 12-18 adoptable cats, and about half a dozen farms willing to take in anywhere from 3-5 feral cats as barn cats.  I thank all of my rescue friends for offering their assistance.  Your kindness has not gone me.

The day prior to the clean-out, I called the Story City vet to let her know that I had at least 25 cats covered.  She was not available, so I left the message with the staff. 

The next morning, I reported to the site.  From the outside, the house was completely inconspicuous.  There was no way you would suspect what was inside this house, by looking at the outside. 

I walked up to the vet in charge, and informed her that I had at least 25 cats placed, if she did not mind farm cats being a possibility.  She put her hands in prayer position, "Thank you," she replied appreciatively.   "I don't care where they go, really." implying that farm cats would be fine.  I also informed her that I had a Persian rescue and a Siamese cat rescue that would take any additional cats fitting into those categories.

Knowing I would not be acting as a veterinarian, I decided to help the teams get ready for the capture.  I helped carry dozens of carriers to the back door of the house.  Each team would consist of 2-3 people.  The teams were allowed only 15 minutes in the house as the air would be toxic.  The teams were required to wear latex gloves and respiratory masks while inside the house. 

The first team went in with cat carriers and a large fish net, and immediately began bringing out full cat carriers.  The first team got the most benign of the cats, the cats with less fight or flight in them.  The first carrier I carried back held a beautiful longhair Calico.  She mewed as we walked to the vet station for her physical exam and evaluation.  I offered my assistance to the vet team, and I was assured that they did not need me in that area.

Each cat and kitten went down a line for evaluation of health and temperament.  There were veterinary assistants, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students all assisting with the process.  They were all very professional and eager to learn and assist in such a difficult situation.

The first team came out of the house, and each time the door opened, a waft of foul odor emanated from the building.  I donned a mask and gloves, joined team two, and ventured inside.  The amount of "stuff" on the floor made it difficult to maneuver throughout the house.  Most of the cats were now in the basement. I was on the main level, so I got my camera out. There were cans, bottles, papers, feces covering almost all surfaces, counters, floors.  There were kittens frozen in the freezer.

6-8 inches of feces and urine were piled up in the corners of each room.  Many cat litter boxes were scattered throughout this level of the house, but they were filled and overflowing with foulness. 
It was decided after several teams entered and exited the house, that it was time to set cat traps to catch the remainder of the cats in the house over the next few days.  These cats were very wild, scared, and hiding in many places not reachable by rescuers.  The traps were baited with tuna fish and set inside the house.

As each cat progressed through the line, I started watching the proceedings.  I saw the cutest little Siamese mix kitten and orange tabby kitten being examined by the techs.  One had a ruptured eyeball, the other had a severely diseased eyeball.  I told them, "I can take them."  The techs responded, "They are labeled for euthanasia."  I pulled another vet aside, "I can take these two, I can remove the eyes if I have to.  It's not a problem for me."  She graciously said, "Thank you." told me how wonderful I am, and I planned on taking those little kittens on to a new life. 

I called my rescue friend, Amy, who was at my beck and call today to help me arrange and notify my other rescue groups of any information on numbers and temperament of the cats.  This was important in case I needed assistance with housing cats as they waited for their spay and/or neuter.

As I am talking on the phone, I notice the vet in charge pick up the carrier with the two kittens that I just agreed to take and start carrying them away.  I tell Amy to hold, and politely beckoned, "I can take those two."  I started to go back to the phone, when she turned to me and bluntly replied, "No."  There was no question about her reply.  I was not going to get those kittens.  I replied, "Why not?"  She repeated, "No." and the conversation was done.

I walked over to Tom Colvin of the ARL and another vet, and said, "You knew this was going to happen when you invited me here, didn't you?'

They asked me what was wrong, and I told them that I wanted to save the lives of those two kittens and the "vet" refused.  They consoled me by saying we would discuss it again at the end of the day.  And we didn't. 

I was told that "red tape" on the top of the carrier indicated that the animals inside the cage were going to be euthanized and here are the two groups.  You can see the red tape on their kennels.

These were in line for rescue. There are 6 cats here.

These were deemed critically ill. There are 10 cats in here.

The rest of the morning passed like molasses after that incident, and the line for each group grew longer.  By the end of the day, there were recurring discussions as to why I could not take animals that I had placement for, and was willing to do the vet work for them.  They comforted me by giving me one more orange tabby kitten, making my lot an even dozen.

By the end of the day, despite what I was told by other people, the euthanasia line, now this long

would not be shortened despite my offer of FREE assistance.  My help and the help from my rescues would cost them NOTHING, yet it was denied by a one person opposition, another veterinarian.

I do not believe there was a single cat in these carriers that had they come into her clinic as a paying client's spay or neuter, that this vet would have said immediately, "We need to euthanize this cat."  They all had upper respiratory tract infections.  Some were dehydrated.  One reportedly had an oral ulcer which would lead to his "elective demise".

The amount of disrespect I felt and still feel is overwhelming.  Refusing my help in this situation is like her proclaiming to the world that her DVM degree is better than mine.  I am a licensed veterinarian within the state of Iowa. I am a licensed pound/shelter within the state of Iowa.  I am able to treat these cats like any other rescue animal.  I am able to treat these cats like any other client's animal.  I am able to treat these cats with the respect and dignity these lives deserved.

Was this doctor the legal owner of these cats?  Absolutely.  Was her approval needed to send these cats to rescue? Absolutely.  Would the previous owner have opted to euthanize more than half of the cats in her house, including 5 or more kittens when she knew a licensed veterinarian would take them in and care for them in every way possible.  Absolutely NOT.  Why would a group ask for my help, and then let her reject it for the sake of a pissing contest?! 

Did she forget that I too, have the power to euthanize if the case required it?  Did she think that I was lying about the rescues standing by?  What was the motivation behind destroying the lives of cats that did not ask to be put into a hoarding situation and were staring freedom right in the eyes? 

This little kitten was labeled for euthanasia.

When a licensed vet is offering to take in animals that will be treated for health issues, spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and offered homes for life, why say "No"?   I have the license to euthanize if necessary, and I am capable of performing that function when an animal is suffering.  What is the reasoning behind saying "No".  The best interest of the cats is not being sent to the crematorium if they can live their lives out in a home with a family.  Those 5 kittens were certainly able to have been rehabilitated. 

I would like to say that I won't lose sleep tonight over the decisions that I made today... but I will lose sleep.  I will wonder why someone feels it is okay to euthanize rather than rescue.  I will wonder why she felt I was not worthy of being allowed to rescue more cats. I fully expected to have to leave some cats behind today due to sheer numbers.  I did not think that I would be able to take them all.  But not being respected enough to be allowed to take cats that I had committed space for is heart wrenching.

I was planning on taking 25.  I probably would have taken more.  I was only allowed to take 12.  Thirteen lives ended.  Thirteen lives that have seen only filth and despair.  Thirteen lives that should have been shown life, but instead life was taken from them.

The back room in my clinic is acting as our isolation ward.  I am thrilled looking at the new feline faces that reside there now. They have been vaccinated, dewormed, given fresh food, water, and medications for eye infections and upper respiratory infections.  They are breathing in clean air.  They have litter boxes that are not soiled.  They have clean blankets on which to sleep.  They will all be spayed and neutered.  Most importantly, they have been given names and a second chance.

Next to those thankful faces are empty cages.  Cages that were waiting for kittens and cats to recover from this ordeal.  Cages that would have served as an introduction to a new life. 

Cages that remind me of the ones that I was told I could not save...

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Anonymous said...

How awful, and I'm so sorry, for you, and for the kittys. There was no need for the posturing on her part. What did Tom have to say about it after the fact???
That other vet took an oath.. does she not remember it???

So sad

Jenn Sparandeo said...

I am crying for those poor souls tonight. I am also shaking with anger at that "vet" who felt that she had to show hers was bigger than yours and killed kittens that would have easily been rehabed. I too have dealt with a vet with that kind of attitude, who would rather kill an animal than put an ounce of effort into trying to fix it. It disgusts and saddens, and infuriates me. Dont you become a vet to HELP SAVE animals? It seems that there are vets in this area who are in it for all the wrong reasons.
If you are ever in need of volunteer efforts, please let me know. I have volunteered for several shelters and rescues over the last 3 years or so and am very willing to help anyone in need. I can provide several references if needed :)
So sorry that you had to go through this. You are a wonderful person with a huge heart, as I have learned from following your blog for a while now. You are a great inspiration. And though you werent able to help these five kittens, there will be more in need of your assistance. God has a plan for us all, animals included, and maybe there is a bigger reason why this happened.
Sorry for rambling, this just pulled so many emotional strings in me.

ameow2002 said...

Lots of excuses but no answers. I personally spoke to Dr Bright, the Sheriff's Dept and will be speaking to Josh Colvin, if he returns my call? The public needs to step up and let it be known that this won't be tolerated. If these were dogs this never would have happened like this because the public would raise an outcry but because it was cats, no one really cares! Well i care..and the cats cared. No one asked them if they wanted to be dead because i know what the answer would be! Our so called 'shelter' system has gone horribly wrong when the very animals that are supposed to be protected are being killed because of it! Too much PR, too big of salaries, too much ego and zero compassion!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe this heartless @#)(* is a veterinarian. The word needs to get out about what happened so everyone in the area knows how compassionless she is. I'm so sorry for the poor sweeties who were lost!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this sort of thing happen before. heck, even on Animal Planet on some of their shows, I've wondered why some relatively young and healthy animals get euthed instead of going to willing and able rescues. Cats have a raw deal. They are like the poor in the Bible, they will be with us always...always too many and with that comes the designation as dispensable.

krewzsn said...

Comments are; the opinion of the owner in this case is not worth much (in my opinion) as she is suffering from untreated mental illness and has already proven her inability to and cannot distinguish what is best for these animals. --
Also after much thought we must agree that this is a war we are fighting. Unfortunately the animals, all animals that are victims of neglect and sufffering, are on the front lines. In a war there are no winners, no losers, only casualties.
Officers aren't always leaders and leaders aren't necessarily officers. Heroines and heros will get shot-down in the line of duty.
I am a firm believer that we must leave our egos at home each morning we make the decent into that abyss.
When I do so, motivated purely (in my opinion) by character, a "calling," a sense of purpose, or divine direction, I meet people with personality flaws, motives, mis-directed intentions, sound reasoning, and abnormal insufficiencies and insecurities galore. Oftentimes, the warrior finds themselves fighting a losing, never-ending battle.
But the good news about that same person is the fight in them, because when all other's have retired for the night, eye's closed in slumber, the warrior is strategizing, planning, scheming, deliberating on the next attack, battle -- honing her craft, sharpening her instruments, loading her weapons. Those lacking character will wake rested, yet unprepared.
Off With Their Heads!!!
Much respect.

Anonymous said...

This is disturbing to hear about but unfortunately I have seen some of the same thing...I used to donate quite generously to a nationally recognized animal shelter in my area. I even adopted two cats from this shelter. When I picked up my last cat adopted there the girl behind the counter was in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said the director of the facility had come in in an angry mood that morning an euthanized every animal there! Including a mother cat and newborn kittens. I started to do some research and found out this was a common occurance with this director and she had a history of doing this on a regular basis.

When I got my next request for donations from them I wrote a strong letter and said I would not donate to this shelter again until this woman was removed from her job...that was 10 yrs ago and to my knowledge she is still there and her practice of killing off everything in her sight when she gets moody continues to this day.

Anonymous said...

I was personally involved in this situation and seen every cat that was HUMANELY euthanized and u all have your facts wrong. When you say....would Dr. Brenda had told a client to euthanize a cat that were ill like these were.. NO OF COURSE NOT but most anyone that would own a cat that was in the condition of these should want to relieve them from their suffering. Now u tell me would sitting in a kennel for weeks waiting on the chance to be adopted be more "fair" to these poor cats. I think not!!! I have worked as the head technician for Dr. Bright for 2 1/2 years and she has more compassion for animals than i have ever seen. None of you have worked beside her so DONT JUDGE!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I find more appauling than the conditions under which these cats were living is how you managed to turn an already bad situation worse by making it about you. You are more concerned about the slight to your ego than you are the health of the cats. I have no doubt the decisions made in this situation were the best ones that could be made.

For you to rant about, and insult publicly, another veterinarian is childish and extremely unprofessional. It goes to show that an advanced degree does not compensate for ignorance and poor manners.

For those of you who believe the refuse written in this blog, you are no better than the dullards who believe the crap put forth by HSUS and PETA. Misinformation, in any situation, is dangerous. Beware your sources.

ameow2002 said...

The hostile responses have missed the point entirely. Why choose death when another qualified VETERINARIAN is willing to step up and assume responsibility for these lives? Why indeed? And the facts do need to be told. Not every rescue is about cats living in tiny cages and regardless. I would think after the horrific, overcrowded conditions that they came from, that they would in fact welcome some solitude. Only until they are healthy, vetted and a new home is found. They deserved that chance! And just an FYI...if you don't publish who you are but hide behind 'anonymous' you lose and credibility that your statement may have had.

Anonymous said...

For the above commenters, all that matters to me is that TREATABLE cats are dead, when someone was willing to treat them. Killing an animal who could recover with medical treatment is not "humane," it is killing. Period. Alive, these cats would have at least had a chance. Now they have none. Rant away, but that's the bottom line for me.
(I'd post under my name rather than Anonymous, but Google account isn't working).

Linda B said...

To the ANONYMOUS Poster:

I have to respectfully disagree with one of the posters comments. I have never met Dr. Deppe, so this is NOT being written from a friend or supporter’s point of view for her or her clinic, but instead being addressed directly to comments made by one of the “anonymous” posters.

I have a different interpretation of this blog, simply because I have chosen to read it with an open mind. It is clear from this posters comment that he/she has an already pre-jaded opinion.

The very thing he/she condemns of Dr. Deppe, he/she does in return. (Referring to her actions of being “extremely unprofessional”, using “poor manners” and being “ignorant”)

The comment of, “I have no doubt the decisions made in this situation were the best ones that could be made,” then proceeds to chastise Dr. Deppe for sharing her eye witness accounts with her readers. From this statement one can only assume this reader was not present nor has concrete facts to dispute the post.

Is it not ignorant to openly criticize others without providing substantial proof of difference? If this reader has facts that can provide answers to anything written in this blog, please do so.

Is it not unprofessional to insult another’s academic and professional experience simply because they question actions or ethics of which they were an eye witness to? Quite the contrary. This is exactly the “educational” thing to do. “Ignorance” is to comment or judge without knowledge or truth.

Is it not poor manners to condemn, place judgment or discriminate against others simply because they have different beliefs, opinions or or philosophies?

The only “unprofessional, poor mannered and ignorant” action that I read is the post by “anonymous” condemning Dr. Deppe for her courage to find answers, her right to share her opinions and her willingness to share with others so we all can learn to do it better next time.

I have no respect for those who condemn others but are too cowdardly to print their name and stand behind their opinions, thoughts or comments.

And for educational purposes, many hoarders are people who are mentally ill, not those who purposely set out be cruel or neglectful to animals. I do not condemn those who do not understand that they are bringing more harm than good in these situations.

Big Black Fuzzy Things said...

Response to “Anonymous”
I’m glad that you have chosen to share your “hands on” experience with the group. I do fail to see where any judgment has been made by Dr. Deppe in this blog, but instead view it as her opinion based on her experience at the event that took place. She states she was invited to assist, and generously offered her professional time and expertise but when she expressed concern of those cats sitting in carriers tagged “euthanize” she asked for clarification as to why. Instead of getting answers, she was patted on the shoulder and dismissed. The disrespect and judgment comes from the actions of those who politely treated her “less than” the expert and professional she is. She states she was willing to take financial and medical responsibility and yet was denied. Of course she would ask questions, and so would I.
Any judgment given is from your comment, “Now you tell me would sitting in a kennel for weeks waiting on the chance to be adopted be more ‘fair’ to these poor cats.” This statement is so full of ignorance it’s no wonder so many cats were murdered under your watchful eye.

First, it’s ignorant to presume the cats would be spending weeks in a cage if they had been released into Dr. Deppe’s care. Do you personally work for Dr. Deppe? Have you assisted her with adoption events, and/or veterinary care to back up this comment whereas readers can become informed and educated on fact rather than bitter and angry accusations.

Second, from the photos provided, there was no cat “suffering”. The photos do show that those in charge came more prepared to perform euthanasia services than save lives. If you come with the mindset cats are going to die, they will. It clearly shows that this vet clinic is not in the 21st century of veterinary medicine, but instead operating with the rural “herd” mentality that anything that “looks” sick IS sick.

These cats were entrusted in the hands of what someone thought were professionals who would have their wellbeing in mind, but instead, murdered by those people who take oaths and swear by the ethics to save lives. Of course questions should be asked and answers demanded. I apologize, but I do not buy the deception or backward thinking of your justification for killing 3 dozen cats onsite after a distressful capture. It was either a careless choice, and or an uneducated decision. Either way, it was bad one.

Questions such as: Were blood tests drawn to determine if these cats were diseased? Are not out of line, in fact not only should be asked, but should have been done. And we KNOW that FIV/FeLV can live and with proper management and care, healthy ordinary lives. And there are sanctuaries who offer homes to these and they don’t live in cages all their lives. Your comment clearly shows me that you have limited education on not only hoarding situations, but veterinary medicine in general. Perhaps more schooling would bring a better understanding as to why there are those of us who question your “reasoning” behind the killing of these cats.

Whatever “title” you may carry, does not condone the actions that were taken, nor the attacking accusations made to Dr. Deppe or her readers. This does not provide any education or correction for the future. You have an opportunity to provide these readers with knowledge, but instead choose to criticize and attack .The problem is those who are hiding the information, not from those wanting to understand to make it better in the future.

If you have nothing to hide and did nothing wrong then stand behind your actions and comments and provide “facts” that these cats should have been euthanized to end their suffering. And for Pete’s sake sign your name.
Otherwise spare me your holier than thou uneducated remarks. It only makes you look like a fool and it doesn’t change the fact that the blood of 3 dozen cats are on your hands.

For the record I have never met Dr. Deppe, nor been to her clinic. And I have had extensive experience with cat hoarding situations. I’m not easily fooled by this type of ignorance.


Linda B said...

The tragedy is not that mistakes were made or blame is to be placed. The real tragedies here are:

That those in charge of the "life and death" decisions did so, not through medical knowledge, but through appearance.

That those in charge refused to save a life and opted murder, despite the willingness of her peers efforts to take full responsibility, bothy financially and medically for the cats.

That those who invited Dr. Deppe recognizing her commitment and expertise, but when turned to, stood back and condoned killing over saving lives. And have not stepped up since. These are the very people who spend public funding to be in front of the cameras deceiving the public of their commitment, knowledge and care for animal welfare.

And last but not least, the unwillingness for those in charge, and those who offered their support on site, to answer questions, address concerns so that situations like these can be handled better in the future and less lives can be saved.

The tragedies are those who profess to be "for the animals" and show, by example, anything but!

Dr. Deppe, thank you for your courage to tell your story. There are those of us who stand along side of you, not out of anger or contentment, but to seek an understanding and gain knowledge from those who profess to be "experts" and 'the largest.'

Linda B said...

Miss ameow2002.

You are too kind. I don't think they missed the point at all. I think they are of ignorant minds and archaic thinking.

Iowa may not have moved into the 21st century all the way whenit comes to animal welfare, but the east and west coasts of our country have. And there are those of us in the industry who are connected, open to learn and willing to make changes if it saves lives. We own up to our mistakes, and we work tirelessly to make the changes and adjustments to do it better the next time.

This clearly shows how unconnected these people are to the animal welfare industry and the ever growing movement that animals do not need to die in hoards any longer.

It's appalling to me that the ARL didn't take a more pro-active stance in saving these lives. What "support" did they offer may I ask?

And the veterinarian in charge should be questioned for her decisions. Saving lives is not easy. Perhaps these tragic lives needed to end. But the deserved a kinder and gentler plight to their end.

'm sorry, but until medical proof is provided that 3 dozen cats who didn't appear sick WERE sick and/or so diseased that their demise was inevitable I'm not convinced that these people "tried" or "cared" to try to save a life.

Big Black Fuzzy Things said...

I’m glad you chose to share your “hands on” experience with this case. I fail to see where you feel judgment has been made, however by Dr. Deppe’s comment. She simply states her observations based on her eye witness accounts of the event. She was invited to assist, generously offered her professional time and expertise and when she expressed concern of those cats sitting in carriers tagged “euthanize” she asked for clarification as to “why” they needed to die. She asked for permission to take full responsibility for their care at her cost instead of death, which is what the ARL asked her to do. She was refused and cats were killed. It’s pretty simple to understand really. The judgment appears to have come long before Dr. Deppe ever put her concerns into writing by refusing her the cats and dismissing her help and expertise despite her obvious qualifications to care for these lives.
Your comment, “Now you tell me would sitting in a kennel for weeks waiting on the chance to be adopted be more ‘fair’ to these poor cats,” is so full of ignorance and arrogance it’s no wonder so many cats were murdered under your watchful eye. This might be how you handle the treatment of cats, but I can assure you that the rescues, shelters and veterinarians lined up to take those little souls were prepared to care for them responsibly. To assume and judge that all shelters/rescues operate under your perception shows exactly why you are desperately trying to justify the actions of the mass killings that took place. The bottom line is a licensed veterinarian offered to save lives, rescues, fosters and shelters, all licensed and qualified were prepared to take and care for these cats and yet Dr. Bright refused to turn them over to them. This type of thinking is out of date and simply unacceptable by those who choose to live in the 21st century of the animal welfare industry. Her decisions should and “must” be questioned. And the ARL did not offer support for saving lives, but stood by and condoned the killings.
These cats were innocent victims of what I suspect was a mentally ill person who had a compassion for animals. And they were entrusted in the hands of a so-called “professional” who was supposed to have their wellbeing in mind. The system failed them because it has licensed and entrusted an individual who appears to be in the “GOD” mindset rather than offering felines a chance at a new life. I do not buy the justification or backward thinking of this clinic for the killing of 3 dozen cat’s when there were organizations standing in front of you more than qualified and prepared to help and euthanize at a later date once the cats could be assessed more thoroughly. It was a careless choice and/or a very uneducated decision. Either way, it was a bad one and it “should” be questioned and exposed.
In short, if you can’t sign your name and stand behind your arrogant ignorant comments then spare me your “holier than thou” uneducated and inexperienced attitude. Flaunting your title only shows that you are employed, not that you are good at what you do or even have a clue how to do it. I can only assume that you are proud of where you work as a “head technician” but that doesn’t change the fact that the blood of 3 dozen cats are on your hands. Anyway you slice it kiddo…its murder!

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to hold people accountable for their actions when no laws were broken. But for those people who dedicate their lives to moving the animal welfare industry forward actions like these by what are supposed to be leaders and experts in the industry are not only disheartening but need to be investigated.

The photos provided here clearly show animals alert. While they may have been sick with URI, or injured it simply doesn't mean they had to die. The haunting images of cats sitting at the front of their carriers getting a taste of freedom only to be slaughtered by inhumane thinking are simply haunting. Unforgivable! It's these types of irresponsible people and their decisions that prompt organizations like ours to want to get laws like "Hayden's Law" passed here in Iowa.

This type of poor judgement from a licensed veterinarian is simply unexcusable. She refused to work with those who were willing to save them standing right before her. No vet should ever have to "plead" to another to save an animals life. Dr. Brenda Bright's decision to use euthanasia as a management tool int his situation, rather than giving these poor creatures a chance at freedom and adoption is despicable and unethical.

We are outraged that she will be allowed to continue her practice as a licensed veterinarian in Iowa. All we can do as citizens is to tell this story educating the public that what you see isn't always what "is" and hope that people wise up and make better choices of the organizations and businesses they support!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the people that donated those crates in your picture, knew that when they did they would be used for transporting animals that would be killed, when really caring humans wanted to save them and were told no? That picture is so profound, sends chills down my spine and really overwhelming sadness.

And to know it all took place in front of those that hold jobs and make a living off of animals and call themselves animal lovers and advocates for them and they stood by and did nothing and or participated in it. WOW!

DgLvr04 said...

To "Anonymous" who stated that he/she was there and that it is better to kill the cats instead of having them in a cage for a few weeks while waiting for a home....

Are you for real? Seriously -- a licensed VETERINARIAN offered to treat these cats and kittens at NO COST to anyone but herself and her business.

If you honestly think that it's better to KILL a living being rather than be housed in a cage for a few weeks while being treated for the illnesses that they had...then, honey -- you're in the wrong business.

Don't walk away...RUN...Run as fast and as hard as you can because we don't need more like your kind in this field.

ameow2002 said...

From Stunned ( ia m posting for a friend who for some reason can't log in?)

Typical behavior from those that call themselves animal advocates and then stand by while being paid a fine salary and let this go down. The only reason I have heard that the ARL (Tom AND Josh Colvin) was there, was to offer support? Support what, who?
Stand by and support the killing of cats that had Rescues willing to help and who's standards of care far out reach what any Shelter can give them in this State

This is why Rescues are not called in on the big media busts, the ARL is going to let NO one steal their thunder and possible donations.
Ego/Greed is what it's about anymore with most "HUMANE" Societies and big Animal Org.
I hope to live to see the day when they all are exposed for what they really are.
And this DR Bright got herself involved in something that was far over her head and pretty much lost all realm of compassion and common sense and now has to live with her decision.
DR Deppe did the right thing in a situation where it went all wrong and the last thing the majority of the people there thought of (these so called experts as the label themselves for example Cruelty Investigator) was the cats.
They cats are dead and the dirty little secrets in the "Humane" Societies (and yes there are a few trying their best and making it about the animals) will continue until people quit buying $$$ into it. They are starting to seem more and more like dressed up altered puppy mills, secret societies..
Yesterday was just another disrespectful day for the animals and those that have proven themselves to be the true advocates, and they do it for little to no pay, or recognition.
The Rescues have tried their best to work with the Shelters, they have shown loud and clear that they have no intention of working with them, so let the games begin!

Changes will not come overnight but they will come, donators won't remain blind forever. And less money means less power, they eventually will get knocked off their thrones but not before they stuff their pockets $$ on the backs of euthanized animals, and sad tales of one kitty in a dumpster (while others are headed to the incinerator), when the REAL hero was the man that saved it, not the Shelter, but who took/got the credit and the $$ once again?

And I agree with the writer that talks about ignorance. You can't educate ignorance and that was proven there by many that hold college degrees and put important sounding labels on themselves.
And as far as judging, I really don't want to hear that word, it is what it is, no judging about it. 30+ cats had a place to go and Deppe was refused. That is a black and white issue!
And the owner walks with no accountability, there should have been a judgement/agreement to do with not being allowed to have animals for quite awhile, the whole thing is a sick joke.
Bless the Beast as they have NO Voice and NO Choice.

Tammy Hartwig said...

God Bless you for all that you do for so many animals! As difficult as this is, please try to concentrate on the full cages and not the empty ones; the ones you DID save not the ones you couldn't.

Having worked with a HS for over 6 years fostering dogs I too, have been in on such confiscations. Words cannot describe these conditions so thank you for posting photos as well.

There are so many things wrong with this story that the anger just boils over and you don't even know what to say! When you work in the animal welfare industry you come to realize that we cannot save them all and honestly for some, there are things worse than death. Please don't think me callous; I have brought many back from the brink of death and will always do whatever it takes to save the savable but, I also will not let an animal suffer if it is not going to get better.

It seems that there must be somewhere you can turn to file a grievance. You are both Veterinarians with the same credentials working in the same situation. When one of the two is SO obviously in the wrong, even though that one was in charge, it just seems there must be some recourse you can take to prevent such things from happening again.

Again, God Bless you for ALL you do!

Anonymous said...

Just like the blogger that adopted cats from a Shelter only to stop in down the road to a teary eyed employee of the place and find out due to a "Director" having a "bad" day animals were euthanized.
I remember getting a call from an ARL employee years ago, Colvin (or should I say ColvinS) was at the Helm then too.
She asked if I could take in 2 very scared, small breed dogs with some questionable behavior issues, as she was very concerned they would be euthanized. After some thought, I agreed. Only to have Paula the "Animal Behaviorist" say NO and they were instead killed. I believe she still is paid very well at the ARL and still making decisions on who lives and dies and appears to have the final say, regardless if help is out there or not.

Any person with 1/2 a brain knows that many animals that sit in the terrifying aura of a Shelter will not show their true colors and they appear many times far more negative due to these surroundings.
But no, off with your heads say the Royal family even when there was placement which would write them off of any liability.
Nothings changed except their salaries $$$$ and the important credentials and labels they place upon themselves. People are wising up, and I really believe we need a watchdog group that rates Shelters and even Rescues, with a web site to point out the Good, Bad and the Ugly! You are not in the good graces of a Shelter Director and their servants, they WILL kill an animal over releasing it to a reputable place/person. That is a fact!

I have known much of what people are finally realizing long ago, and maybe with enough people catching on, there will finally be some accountability for those not making the animals a priority, especially those receiving Paw (pay) Checks, as without the paws there'd be no checks.
The laziness, and not give a damn attitude by the Directors in these places until the cameras roll is atrocious. When you have Shelters that don't use Pet Finder for example to it's fullest, you have a Shelter that is not there in the best interest of the animals. Marshalltown, Waterloo, Des Moines etc etc. take a look, Pet Finder will tell a lot about a Shelters motivation and commitment to the animals and to the donors.
Shape up or Ship out and if that means 3 family members from the same org. so be it!

Anonymous said...

ridiculous.. but I am not surprised if Colvin was involved. Months ago I contacted him regarding an obvious abuse case and he would not even return my call. When it was "investigated" by another source nothing was done. I was able to save one dog from the situation and she was very sick and was seen by various professionals who were upset by her obvious neglect. ...and I don't know what happened to the rest but they are now gone.

It is a travesty that a professional who was offering her service was turned away. I have worked in several shelters and have seen many sick and abused animals come around with proper care and have gone on to lead long lives. I don't know what is wrong with the people who wanted to kill the cats rather than save them. I use the word "wanted" because they had a choice. They had an option.

CJ Anderson said...

One thing is clear is that there was a media story generated that did NOT mention the murder of these animals who were healthy, fixable and had places waiting for them outside ARL:

The reporter seems to have gone for a filler/feelgood story and did not follow up to find out the truth of what happened the day before.

When I have to ask myself what was the benefit of both the condemning vet Dr. Brenda Bright and the Animal Rescue league of Iowa to kill these animals quickly rather then allow them to benefit from the free medical care and rehoming offers from people who showed up ready to help those animals to their new forever homes,. I come back to the facts that this was a media activity which was both mislabeled as a "rescue" and misidentified as
"The Animal Rescue League along with several volunteers helped rescue dozens of cats".

At the very least, I know that I would not trust the judgment of such a vet for my animals after hearing about her choices made to kill rather then save animals who had specific rescuers (with a pro bono vet) ready to save their lives.

JV in California said...

Dr Deppe...thank you for standing up for what you believe.

I have the same questions as everyone else. WAS this a rescue effort or an extermination?? Calling in a veterinarian (Dr Deppe) to "help" and then refusing to allow her to do so by saving lives is inexcusable. How many times are lives going to be needlessly taken when there are qualified rescues and in this case a veterinarian that have stepped up to take full responsibility for their welfare. This reminds me of the ASPCA and Oreo, a pitbull that was tossed from a highrise in NY. In that situation a rescue stepped up to take Oreo to rehabilitate. They were fully prepared to keep Oreo for life if he could not be fully rehabilitated yet the ASPCA decided it was best to kill him. Who are these people, these so called animal welfare organizations that accept our donations, veterinarians who one hopes it is because of their love of animals and desire to help them live their best lives that they chose this profession. Are they God? Do they not take on these titles and responsibilities to SAVE lives?
This is an outrage. It sickens me. This story needs to get out far and wide!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have stepped up and supported Dr. Deppe's courage to come forth, please know that the ARL has launched their official statement.

They are also banning anyone from their facebook page who asks questions of any kind that are friends with anyone that was a part of the rescue.

I do know they are assuming that those who ARE asking questions were all friends/supporters of those involved and they weren't. But we are gaining supporters because of their actions.

Please do not fear them. They have no power. They are people who believe in what they do, with many followers who only know what they see. Pity those who are so backward in their thinking that they can justify healthy, adoptable animals being euthanized to control the overpopulation.

Don't forget to sign up for our articles as well.

Dr. Deppe, our hats our off to you, for you made a "choice" to share your story. And when that story, you started a movement. Indeed, a small group of people CAN change the world!

Linda R. Blakely

PennyW said...

There are no words for this terrible tragedy, but thank you so much for saving those 12 cats--and for having the courage to tell the story so that others can know what happened here. Change will come, but it takes many voices.

Anonymous said...

Poster didn't understand how to post as sent an email with request to post.

"I live in Story City. I'm so disheartened by the actions of our local veterinarian. I do know that Dr. Bright is a good vet, but her ethics for saving lives is beyond something I could understand.

I know it must have been very difficult for you to come forward like this. I appreciate your honesty and courage.

I thank all of you for working so hard for the animals. It sounds like those cats didn't get a chance. At least now they have your voices.

For those of us who wish people were kinder to animals...I thank you."

Jackie said...

I have been trying to post a comment since I read about the Story City cats but somehow I never got the hang of it. Maybe this time, it will work.
I am so sad and angry. First, that cats died -- period. With what we now know about possibilities, with the growth and proliferation of the No Kill Movement in other states, I fail to see why any of these cats had to die.

Even cats that are FIV positive now enjoy a chance at a comfortable life and in many cases find homes with people who have other FIV cats or who are willing to take one in as their only pet. Cats with physical disabilities are usually able to find homes with people who are happy to have them. Cats will URI can be TREATED for this ailment and find good homes.

Personally, I would rather sit in a cage for a few weeks waiting for a good home than have someone kill me! And if there's a foster home, even better.

My understanding is that all the Story City cats could have been saved had the veterinarian in charge been willing to let a colleague use her resources. Was someone paid off to have these cats euthanized?

Who decided that this was the way to go? I hope they never have to make any life and death decisions about my animals!

If the ARL says they were not in charge and Dr. Bright says she was not in charge and the SCPD says they were not in charge, then who the heck WAS in charge??? The TV station? The media?

It certainly wasn't the cats...or they wouldn't be dead now.

Thank you Dr. Deppe for doing what you could. There are a few cats in the world who owe you their lives.

And many of us owe you our thanks for bringing this situation to light and giving us the chance to do something that might result in a change for the better.

Anonymous said...

What I do not understand is how they could deny Dr. Deppe the cats in the first place?

What shelter does that?

What VET does that?

What type of people, when called upon for help, lose site of their vocations so much that they couldn't hear the cries or see the eyes of those who were forced to place their fates in your hands?

Who ARE you people? My GOD find something in your heart so this does not happen again or please, for the sake of the animals, get OUT of the business.

Linda B said...

The Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue has made a contribution for the medical expenses incurred of the cats rescued by Dr. Deppe.

This situation fits our neglect, abuse, cruelty criteria for Molly's Fund. If you have contributed to that fund in the past, you will now be able to see your dollars go to work!

We encourage everyone here to take a moment and contribute something, even if it is $5.00. Let's work together so that Dr. Deppe does NOT bear the expense financially.

She has already endured her peers efforts to discredit her both as a veterinarian AND as a an animal shelter.

Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue
Board of Directors

Anonymous said...

Just because someone has a DVM degree doesn't mean that they always know what it RIGHT for the patient. There are many DVMs that see the worst in any situation. On the flip side, there are also MANY DVMs that think they can save the world, without looking at the big picture. There are millions of cats that need homes. Cats coming from this type of a situation have a good chance of having disease that will NEVER be cured, and will be passed on to the other cats in whatever situation they are placed in. Perhaps THIS is what Dr. Bright was considering.

Food for thought... you only have ONE side of the story here, and, while pictures say a thousand words, you have to consider WHO was taking them....

Anonymous said...

Well, at least someone documented the tragedy! To the poster who asked that we consider WHO was taking the pictures, may I remind you that both Dr. Bright and the ARL have set new standards for vagueness. In spite of countless requests, neither will provide the actual numbers of how many animals were put down, donated to ISU for vivisection or actually rescued.
Regarding the possibility of new cats bringing in diseases, are you serious? What incurable feline diseases are you talking about? Haven't you heard of vaccinations? Any self-respecting shelter has a quarantine room for new arrivals and animals being treated or boarded by vets are normally up to date on their vaccinations. If Dr. Bright's clinic doesn't require such precautions, then so be it. But, lets not forget that she had the opportunity to turn these poor animals over to Dr. Deppe and let her take the risk. Besides, according to the eyewitness accounts and photos, there were vets and technicians galore on site to "test and evaluate" all the cats being removed from the home. Runny noses and eyes are not fatal. Unless of course, you just happened to be one of those unlucky cats in Story City that day. Your logic is flawed and is obviously an attempt to rationalize the wholesale slaughter that occurred. There was just no need for it to happen. I don't have a Google account to I have to post this as Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

Your comment is insulting because you imply that the readers of this blog are not capable of finding out facts on their own. So let me clarify that I, personally, as suggested by the ARL's statement, contacted the police in Story City.

I was told that the ARL was in charge of the rescue operations. I was also told that Dr. Bright was given rights to the cat's lives.

Neither, Dr. Bright or the ARL are producing any of the numbers. Dr. Bright did say however that cats were killed because of runny noses and eye infections. Those are HER words not mine.

So, please don't insult those of us who disagree with the events that took place that day. We are asking questions and getting no answers. That tells me that everyone involved that day, except for Dr. Deppe, who DID come forward, are hiding the figures because they know they killed more than they saved. And they also know they never intended on "trying" to save lives.

It was always an extermination situations. Assumptions were made by those on the ground of what LOOKED sick WAS sick.

And last, if you have another side of the story...I'm all ears!

Anonymous said...

I pity those people who's vision stops at the end of their nose.

The message here is not which VET was right/wrong.

New question for those who just simply aren't "getting" the message at all.


There? is that in a language you can understand?

Anonymous said...

What's done is done and can not be changed why do you continue to drag this through the mud when there is more rescue work to be done.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could "dispose" or "remove" from our society, those people with the attitudes, "what's done is done..."

Life would be so much better and cats would still be alive!

Anonymous said...


Are you in any way shape or form, part of the animal welfare industry? If so, please leave! Get out! Go!

Do your hands share the blood of those that were killed that day?

Perhaps you can live with yourself as "death" means nothing to you, but to some, what happened on August 4 was the senseless killings of innocent lives in the hands of egotistical dictators who shouldn't be allowed to ever touch animals again.

Are you aware that grievances are being filed against those involved? That complaints will be going "on file" and that people are now WATCHING their practices in the future?

And before you turn and speak more ignorance and blame Dr. Deppe or the other shelters for stepping up, this "movement" of grievances and letter writing was prompted by ME! I haven't even connected with any those people as I didn't want morons like you to continue your ignorance and blame them.

If you are our future for animal welfare...God help us...

Do us all a favor. Stop being a coward and show your face. We have the right to know who you are so that we NEVER use your vet services, or so that shelters and rescues NEVER invite you in to volunteer for them.

My GOD...what a stupid ass statement!


Anonymous said...

Instead of posting anonymously with insensitive comments like, "what is done is done," why don't YOU just move on.

What a selfish statement. People are grieving for the loss of life, and whether YOU think they should be or not, they have the right to do so.

People are outraged for the actions of people they trusted and believed in: And whether YOU think they should be or not..they have the RIGHT to do so.

The arrogance of that day shines bright with statements like yours. And for some reason you just don't get it, or perhaps you don't want to get it. Whatever, that is YOUR choice. Live with the decisions you make.

Thankfully there ARE people who won't let it go. Hopefully for other animals, change WILL come.

No one questioned Hitler and look what happened! Or do you believe that it didn't happen?

I am praying right now that you are about 16 years old and can still be groomed to be a better human being. If you are older, and are our society's future generation God help us all.

Someday my child, "death" will be all around you, and when it is, we can only hope you can get out of yourself long enough to have some empathy for those who suffer loss.

Until then I pity you. You are a sad race my child! And we can only hope you stand alone!

Marilyn Stanza

CJ Anderson said...

Are you kidding me? "What's done is done and can not be changed why do you continue to drag this through the mud when there is more rescue work to be done."

The simple answer is because the people who decided to KILL these animals WHO HAD ACCESS TO FREE MEDICAL CARE AND FOREVER HEALTHY HOMES WILL kill AGAIN because just like YOU, their defination of RESCUE includes killing animals.

NOW I absolutely believe the sin is compounded by these 'RESCUERS" (KILLERS) that what really happened is the "extra animals were designate for the vet students where were there to get these bodies to practice killing and cutting up! What a great financial break for the school!!!

AGAIN, I dont know what other way in english to speak to you. This was NOT a RESCUE for those lives. It was a PLANNED KILLING because THESE animals had a place to do where they would be helped and continue to live LONG LIVES!

I am now coming to the conclusion that you are going to let me come to YOUR house and get YOUR animals to take to that school to GIVE to those vet STUDENTS to kill because you can just go and get another two or more from the ARKL and they will be able to count the animals YOU adopted because YOU allowed YOUR SAVEABLE animals to be killed!

I support your need to be part of a group like that just like I trust that you will support my need to FIGHT YOU and others like YOU who are FINE with preventable KILLING of animals because - what, ~ they are JUST property to you?

So WHY Do you WASTE you time here instead of spending it supporting your fellow animal killers?
And unlike you, COWARD I will post my name! You will find me all over this web fighting people like YOU if you have the guts to come call me out in person!

julie said...

What's done is done and can not be changed why do you continue to drag this through the mud when there is more rescue work to be done? Seriously? Is this the type of 'rescue' you support? Let it's in the past...why not just add "nothing will change anyway so why bother? They were just cats."

Instead, let's make changes that everyone can follow. Let's make rescues true rescues. There is no mud slinging here. Just questioning of the status quo which obviously no longer works. Let's bring 'rescue' into the 21st century already!

ameow2002 said...

'What's done is done and cannot be undone' Really, that is your advice? Education is the key, my friend. People can't change what they don't know about and that is the key! No one is dragging anyone through the mud. This is about preventing exactly this kind of senseless tragedy from ever happening again. Anytime there is a loss of life we need to question why. It is our duty and moral obligation. Thank You Dr Deppe for coming forward with this as you can bet that those who participated in the killing weren't going to! Obviously killing animals as a means of population control doesn't work...or it wouldn't still be being done! It is time for a change.

Anonymous said...

It's true. What is done is done.

But it should NEVER be forgotten, and an understanding of how to prevent it from happening in the future needs to be pursued.

Without it...there will never be resolve.

Pat Holt

Jackie said...

I'm glad my doctor didn't kill me for having a runny nose and an eye infection! My vet recently treated one of my cats for a sinus infection. She didn't kill him!

These cats could have been saved and they weren't because they were seen as numbers, not lives.

This is why some of us refuse to let this topic die. The system that allows this to happen must change.
The organizations that sanctioned this action must change. The veterinarians that dictated and carried out the murder of the Story City Cats must change.

Dr. Deppe, please don't let this change you! You are the bright shining light in this debacle of dark deeds. Because of you, a dozen cats are alive that would otherwise have been lumped in with the others and murdered.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the comment "what's done is done."

It's HARDLY over. Cats are dead, yes. But let me pose this question? Who provided the cremation services? ISU? ARL? SOMEONE did. Dr. Bright doesn't have a crematorium does she?

It's hardly DONE! And it isn't OVER either!

If you honestly believe that this mindset, these actions are acceptable in our society, then you are so far removed from our's just plain scary.

Statements like "runny noses and eye infections" are hardly justifications for the mass killing that took place on August 4.

AND, the only "misinformation" that is out there was provided by the ARL in TWO public statements of they only assisted. They cleverly think they can refocus people off of the facts by calling it "misinformation", yet they have not been able to prove anything that has been said as false have they?

Whether you believe the Chief of Police or the ARL it still does not condone their refusal to allow equally qualified people to save those lives.

With all my heart I'm convinced of this:

The ARL DID coordinate the rescue efforts.

The ARL AND Dr. Bright planned all along to kill those cats.

ISU was called in not for training, but for experimentation reasons.

The ARL DID NOT take any animals or they would have produced those precious faces, and their stories by now tugging at the heartstrings of people to get them into homes. Why didn't they also include the 12 Dr. Deppe took. They KNOW she took 12.

The ARL could have referred the Police Chief to Dr. Deppe's shelter in the first place and stayed completely out of it.

This was another effort for population control through mass killing, something the ARL does everyday inside their own walls for the same ludicrious reasons. What IS adoptable? What IS cruelty? What IS savable? What IS treatable?

Tom Colvin, saw an opportunity to control the overpopulation of cats and he called in his little toadies to do the dirty work for him.

He was blindsided when one person didn't "bite" his B.S. and learned immediately that it was an extermination not a rescue. And when challenged, he removed himself immediately and publicly left everyone involved to fend for themselves. For those of you who followed the ARL's advice and contacted the SCPD you would learn that they stand firm that Tom Colvin and the ARL were IN CHARGE of the rescue operations.

The ARL's silence speaks VOLUMES for their guilt. This is an organization that has central Iowa's media wrapped around their fingers. They easily could have made this the lead story of the evening had it been about saving lives!

Oh yea...and 9/11 was a hoax by the government as well and thousands did not lose their lives in the hands of terrorist. Ahhh...the ignorance among us!

It ain't over until it's over!

Anonymous said...

What's done is done??? Really? Let's just forget it and move on to the next human/s that does this. Something needs good needs to come out of this and all the other times these things are done in secret and those paid no less stand around for photo ops just in case. As we know how often the Colvins get in the paper for the good deeds that others did only to take the credit. This time they want no part of it as like those that came, before a bunch of adoptable animals were exterminated.
If this little piece of info doesn't scream volumes on what they are along with so many others are about, you need your heads examined. Wake up and smell the carcasses burn people, does a paycheck or a pet adopted from a Shelter cause you to be that blind?
Oh believe me this isn't over by a long shot, rescuing is still taking place and is being done without the help of the ARL, oops excuse me the Colvins. I get the two mixed up. My apologies!
If anyone got their face muddy over the dragging whatever though the mud it's them and the fine Doctor (not so) Bright!
This is what they think, let them complain and they'll run along and we will still get our fat paychecks and votes on the ARL Board, We shall see, time will tell.

Anonymous said...


From the ARL Website

19,000 taken in (10,000+ strays)
7,000 Accounted for (thru adoptions, Owner Claims, etc.)


Yes...12,000 UNACCOUNTED FOR...where are they? Let's give them this folks.

1,500 - 2,000 are in their "satellite" stations as they call them. We KNOW that's a generous amount.

Now we have 10,000 unaccounted for.

OK, 200 in Mitchellville's prison system (OH yea, they'll bring that out for sure)

Down to 8,000...WHERE ARE THEY?

ARL representative is NOW saying that they are distributed to other shelters?

SPEAK UP SHELTERS? WHO has gotten animals from the ARL and how many? We want to get those figures in that 8,000 UNACCOUNTED FOR.

Oh yea..I'm convinced...they TRY and save lives...yep...and they Assisted on that hoarding situation...yep...I'm buying it.. I am...

Wow, they are one incredible organization aren't they?

They sure are...if you are stuck in 1926!

But I am NOT. I'm in the 21st century and I HAVE a brain! I'm also good at math.

This can NOT be acceptable from an organization with an Executive Director who's salary is $109,000 and with an organization's who assets are 8 MILLION? The ratio is just too damn high!

You decide!

I don't need that much STATUS to be a good human being! THANK YOU for listening!

P.S. Dr. Bright is easier to hold responsible because anyone who wants to trust her judgement NOW on what is HEALTHY and what is SICK is just damn stupid!

Anonymous said...

For those who are undecided.
For those who sit on the fence.
For those who don't believe.
For those who don't want involved.
For those who look the other way...

EUTHANASIA: the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy

KILL: 1 a to deprive of life : cause the death of b (1) : to slaughter (as a hog) for food (2) : to convert a food animal into (a kind of meat) by slaughtering


In memory of those cats massacred on August 4, 2010. This is dedicated to those who did not get the chance to speak for themselves, the air that was not felt, and the trust that was betrayed.

Anonymous said...

...You have addressed your actions from every possible angle, there is no further thing to add here. Just let it be known to all who may read, that your good actions have bought and paid for any bad that either of you professionals may or may not have willfully and or mistakenly done. I have done business with both professionals on topic here and both make errors in judgment as we all do, but you are strong and because you see another might have been harmed by your words you have stood up to apologize.
...Here is one of my favorite quotes:
"Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly." ~ Albert Einstein
...I am not implying anything about mediocre minds here, I am posting this because of the courage it takes to tell someone else that you stand for something the other does not agree with you on at the time, then also to say that you are sorry for expressing your opinion publicly before the passion of the event had time to settle. You both are strong and respectable women & professionals. Your heart is where it should be, on the animals best interests, for at least enough time to figure out what is in the animals best interest. Opinions on that "best interest" thing will always vary. You both acted true to your own beliefs on the spot of the emotional scene. In doing so the conflict of interest was unavoidable. Peace to you both. Sincerely, Sharon Houser

Erich said...

One question, when did you actually leave.

I think in the ARL's official response they state you left midday, here you talk about being there toward the end of the day.

Thank you.

Immydog said...

By the end of the day, I am referring to the end of the rescue day/ mission. I left early afternoon. I left when the traps were set inside the house for those cats that were deemed uncatchable. I left when all the cats that were removed from the house had been divided into two groups. I left before the euthanasia started.

Erich said...

Thank you.

This confuses me because the ARL seems progressive in other ways, such as BSL legislation.

I hope people remain interested in this issue.

LynnO said...

I've no idea how I found this thread, but I am SO glad I did! Thank you all for sharing.
It is my belief that this happened so that others can learn.
How are those 12 cats now? Are they out of cages and into homes? How many other creatures have you helped since this event?
Life goes on...if we let it!
(in Alaska)

Anonymous said...

Good evening

Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post

Rachelle Wallace said...

Late in finding out about this and so sad. I personally know Dr. Deppe. I worked at the clinic for a time. She is a good vet concerned about the ethical treatment of animals in her care. She uses her OWN money to handle the finances and whatever donations come in. The staff is filled with genuine honest good people. If she says this is what occurred then....that IS what happened. She IS the type of vet that would try to rescue the ones labeled to be euthanized. She WOULD find homes...her, the staff and volunteers are really that good in placement. SOLID PERMANENT PLACEMENT. The fact that she was brushed aside by other working the site is disrespectful and makes me ill. Of course the ARL is covering up...DUHHH!! I will never give them money ever again. I will suggest adoptions from there since that will be an animal rescue in itself from that place. Dr. Deppe and her staff deserves better acknowledgment for the work she has done with animal rescues. As stated before, I used to work at the clinic and I know first hand the number of hours logged in by her and everyone else when it comes to a rescue, as well as the amount of money to help with medical expenses coming from her own personal account. I hope more voices in the future can be heard so changes can be made in Iowa and other states!!

Rachelle Wallace